March 15, 2023

This past Sunday evening, I had the opportunity to visit the revival services going on at Christ Fellowship Church in Dawsonville, GA. The North Georgia Revival began five years ago and continues to experience the presence and power of the Kingdom of God. In weekly baptisms, tens of thousands of people have experienced salvation, immersion in the Holy Spirit, and miraculous healings. This past Sunday, a guest speaker was suppose to share a message, but Holy Spirit took over the service and there was one altar call after another. You can watch the full service, including some of the water baptisms, by clicking HERE (you can see our team getting baptized together at 2:49:00 on the video).

Pastor Todd Smith and his staff prayed for the same move of God to extend to Wellspring and Dallas, TX. He prayed for baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire upon all of us, and he declared three times, “Revival begins now!” (Watch the impartation by clicking HERE.)

Do you believe God wants to bring revival? Do you believe in the power of impartation?

In Hebrews 6, the doctrine of “laying on of hands” is one of the six elementary principles of Christ. According to our Scripture and our Christian faith, believers have the ability to lay hands on other people and transfer Holy Spirit, transfer grace, transfer healing, miracles, and empowerment. Throughout the Old Testament, supernatural blessings are activated through the laying on of hands. In Deuteronomy 34, Joshua was filled with the Spirit of wisdom when Moses laid his hands on him. In Luke 4, Jesus healed all who were brought to Him by laying his hands on them. In Acts 6, the deacons were commissioned into service and leadership through the apostles laying hands on them. In Acts 8, believers were baptized in the Holy Spirit when the apostles began laying their hands on them. In 2 Timothy 4, Timothy is reminded by Paul not to neglect the spiritual gifts he received through the laying on of hands by church leaders.

When believers lay hands on someone as an act of faith, the river of God flows through them, through their hands, and into the touched individuals. We can believe together that when the leaders of the North Georgia Revival placed their hands on me and the young people from Wellspring, they imparted a movement. Are you going to partner your faith with us and believe that revival begins now?

Revival begins now!

Matt Neese

  • Mar 16, Thu 7pm – Prayer Night
  • Mar 18, Sat 5:30pm – Wellspring Live
  • Mar 23, Thu 7pm – Prayer Night
  • Mar 25, Sat 5:30pm – Wellspring Live
  • Mar 27, Mon 7pm – MORE (Women’s Ministry)
  • Mar 31, Thu 7pm – Prayer Night
  • Apr 1, Sat 5:30pm – Guest: Rocky Byers

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