February 23, 2023

5:30pm this Saturday 5:30pm, we’ll be hosting Bunni Pounds, President of Christians Engaged. Bunni has a passion for restoring the Kingdom influence to local and national government, and she’ll be sharing an inspiring message on “Awakening Church”. Bunni will also lead a panel discussion with Christians Engaged Board Members Samuel Bistrian, Pastor Marty Reid, Eugene Ralph Sr. and his son Eugene Ralph Jr. about their involvement with Christians Engaged and other areas of local civic engagement. This will be an enlightening and inspiring conversation, especially for young people! Come and bring your family & friends!

They sent therefore and gathered together all the Lords of the Philistines and said, “Send away the ark of the God of Israel, and let it return to its own place, that it may not kill us and our people.” For there was a deathly panic throughout the whole city. The hand of God was very heavy there.

1 Samuel 5:11 ESV

And they began to beg Jesus to depart from their region.

Mark 5:17 ESV

Isn’t it interesting that people have the opportunity to host the presence of God, and yet they reject Him? Why? Because His presence disrupts our idol worship, our complacency, our unclean business dealings, our corrupt government practices… His presence doesn’t play nice with darkness.

In our present time, people all over the nation are praying for revival, but what will we do when it comes? I just returned from visiting Asbury University and Lee University, both places of student awakening and revival. I arrived at each of these places just in time to experience their final moments as the administrators began restoring control and normalcy. The students long to experience the Lord’s presence, but the school administrators despise the disruption. Are you and I willing to have our entire lives disrupted so that we can host the presence of God?

When you come Saturday, prepare yourself. Be ready to lay down your paradigms and prejudices about what is going on in the world. Be ready to lay down every distraction and ambition. Come ready to lay it all at the feet of Jesus and say, “Come, Lord! We are thirsty for Your presence!”

Let the incense arise!

Matt Neese

  • Feb 23, Thu 7pm – Prayer Meeting
  • Feb 25, Sat 5:30pm – Speaker: Bunni Pounds – Bunni is President of Christians Engaged, a ministry focused on waking up believers to actively pray for and participate in local and national government.
  • Feb 27, Mon 7pm – MORE on Monday (Women’s Group)

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