February 15, 2023

Before Christmas we prayed for one of our intercessors, Sue Kutz, as the Lord was sending her on a special prayer assignment. Her mission took her from New York to England, across Europe, and then to Jerusalem. We knew that this assignment was going to be instrumental in bringing breakthrough to nations and reigniting the global church. We also sent her out of Wellspring with the belief that she was going to bring back a fresh fire. I have had many wonderful conversations with Sue since she returned, and the Lord continues to take her into visions and powerful experiences that initiated on that trip. On Saturday, February 18th, Sue will be sharing about her adventures and encounters, and she’ll be imparting to us. Come ready to receive and be launched into the assignments of God for your life!

As you’ve heard me share before, the Lord has given me two powerful words for this right-now moment: acceleration and convergence. We’re seeing and experiencing a very special God moment and He is truly turning pawns into power pieces. He is quickly maturing and growing and empowering. He is quickly moving and advancing. And He is quickly bringing things together — people, ministries, opportunities…

At the DFW Awake conference on Saturday, I heard “convergence” coming out of people’s mouths over and over. Last Friday I met with a pastor friend and he said he was hearing the word convergence. Sunday, Towah (my son) was doing his calculus homework and the word came up over and over. Convergence in math is the property or manner of approaching a finite limit of an infinite series. Infinite approaching finite limit. It sounds like a paradox. What does it mean from a spiritual perspective? There is an intersection of the eternal and the ephemeral like we never experienced. Two complete distinct and diverse paths of time are approaching an intersection, a limit. Sako (my wife) had a long dream Saturday night about train rails that seemed to be running parallel but eventually crossed one another. There was a lot more to it, but we are approaching a convergence of time and plans and paths. Pay attention!

The Passion Translation says (Psalms 46:8), “Everyone look! Come and see the breathtaking wonders of our God. For he brings both ruin and revival.” We are entering a time of both judgement and awakening. These things seem vastly different and yet they will intersect.

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.”

Charles Dickens, “A Tale of Two Cities”

We have two simultaneous experiences. For those who are in alignment with Holy Spirit and what He wants to do in and through the Church, we’re entering the best of times, the age of wisdom, the epoch of belief, the season of light, and the spring of hope. For those who remain adamantly unrepentant and rebellious against the mercy and grace of God, they’re entering the worst of times, the age of foolishness, the epoch of incredulity, the season of darkness, and the winter of despair.

The wells of Living Water are beginning to erupt around the world, and all are thirsty. Yet who will drink and who will remain dry. Personally, I’m much more focused on the best of times. We have entered the convergence, and the Spirit of the Lord has said, “It has already begun!” Let’s go after the wells! Let’s become the wells! Let’s overflow and transform the world around us!

Let the incense arise!

Matt Neese

  • Feb 16, Thu 7pm – Prayer Meeting
  • Feb 18, Sat 5:30pm – Speaker: Sue Kutz – Sue will be sharing about her recent prayer journey from New York, across Europe, and to Israel. You’ll hear testimonies from a spiritual warrior on the frontlines, and you’ll be inspired to step into your divine design as a Kingdom agent.
  • Feb 23, Thu 7pm – Prayer Meeting
  • Feb 25, Sat 5:30pm – Speaker: Bunni Pounds – Bunni is President of Christians Engaged, a ministry focused on waking up believers to actively pray for and participate in local and national government.
  • Feb 27, Mon 7pm – MORE on Monday (Women’s Group)

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