August 24, 2022


Usually Bowie (my dog) positions himself in front of the door throughout the day. Even at night, he goes between different rooms in the house and his position on guard at the door. Recently, I had a dream in which I woke up in the middle of the night and I walked to the front door to check on Bowie, but he wasn’t there. I opened the door, and my dog fell to the ground unconscious.

The guard dog was on the wrong side of the door and he was asleep.

  • A guard dog symbolizes a watchman.
  • The guard dog had left his position of authority, his dominion.
  • The fact that he was unconscious meant that he was prayerless.

God is saying, “Wake up! Take your positions! Watch and pray!” Remember when Jesus asked His disciples to pray with Him that they would resist temptation, but what did they keep doing? Falling asleep. They didn’t take their responsibility seriously, and they could not stay in alert prayer.

You and I have all been called to be alert, to stand at attention and have dominion over our boundaries, and to pray. As the children of God move forward in restoring the Kingdom, the enemy gets very angry. They plot and they threaten in order to cause confusion. But Kingdom agents respond by praying and guarding day and night.

Are you paying attention? Not only are big things happening all around us (both in the natural and the spiritual), but major shifts and changes are happening in Wellspring. Get ready! In the very near future, we’ll be changing locations and meeting times. And we’ll probably come into a very different experience together. I’ve known that big things were coming in September, but I don’t think any of us have known how big. When September hits, Wellspring is moving into a new phase at at very accelerated rate. It’s going to be exciting! I’ll have more details for you soon.

We surrender to You, Holy Spirit!

Matt Neese


  • 08/27 — Men’s Coffee Talk –
  • 08/28 — Youth @ Texas Rangers –
  • 08/29 — Women’s MORE on Monday –
  • 08/30 — Prayer –
  • 09/23-24 — Christians Engaged –
  • 09/25-27 — Rosh Hashanah 5783

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