August 31, 2022


BIG MOVES are happening as we shift into a new season. We had TWO MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENTS this past Sunday, followed by our final message in the Summer of Fire series: Burning the Idols. If you haven’t had an opportunity to watch the video, click on the image above. This message is essential for moving forward into this next season.

Sunday, September 4th, will be our last meeting at our location in Richardson and it will be our last meeting on Sunday mornings. We’re stepping into a whole new adventure! Our experience that we’ve had together on Sunday mornings is coming to a whole new place and time.

God gave us the name Wellspring many years ago, along with a word about him reopening the wells of the Spirit. We’ve spent all summer focusing on being refined by God’s holy fire, and now is the time to become the conduits we were designed to be. We believe we’re moving into the time of geysers!

Wellspring Live is what we call our gathering experience. We physically come together as divine children to worship, teach, and minister in the family room of our Father God and to celebrate the Gospel. What is the Gospel? Through faith in Jesus Christ, we’ve been restored to our divinely created intimacy, identity, and influence.

  • Intimacy – We are Father’s household in redeemed relationships through Jesus Christ. He is Almighty, He loves us, and He is with us.
  • Identity – We are children of God and Kingdom agents. We are mighty warriors with the power to succeed.
  • Influence – We are conduits and stewards of Kingdom resources and power. We dominate, keep, and cultivate on behalf of the King of Kings.

And we do all of this as a spiritual family committed to freedom, encouragement, and growth.

Our live experience together is moving to a facility in Rowlett called Freedom Place (4111 Main Street. Rowlett, TX 75088). This is right in the center of downtown Rowlett, on the roundabout across from city hall. God is doing something incredible in Rowlett and we’re excited that He is moving us into the middle of it. Are you ready?

Our live experience together is also moving from Sunday mornings to Saturday nights. We’re going to bring worship and the powerful, overflowing presence of Holy Spirit right into the heart of Rowlett. Meetings will take place from 5pm to 7pm and we are coming with great anticipation for a Kingdom move. Are you ready?

Since all of this is happening very quickly and suddenly, there are a few Saturdays that the facility is already blocked out for weddings and other events. We’ve already been told that the facility will not be available for others to rent on Saturdays in 2023, so we won’t have to worry about calendar hiccups in 2023. By the grace of God and His great pre-ordained purposes and strategies, we actually have alternative events every weekend that we can’t have our Wellspring Live experience. So when we can’t meet on Saturdays, there is always something else to do that weekend, including Freedom Nights. The first Sunday night of each month, we’re going to join Freedom Place Church, the congregation that meets Sunday mornings at the facility, for a night of united worship and prayer.

Wellspring Live 2022 Calendar

  • 9/4, Sunday — Freedom Night 6-7pm
  • 9/10, Saturday — Wellspring Live 5-7pm
  • 9/17, Saturday — Wellspring Live 5-7pm
  • 9/24, Saturday — NO WELLSPRING LIVE
  • 9/24-25, Friday & Saturday — The Christians Engaged Conference (
  • 10/1, Saturday — NO WELLSPRING LIVE
  • 10/2, Sunday — Freedom Night 6-7pm
  • 10/8, Saturday — Wellspring Live 5-7pm
  • 10/15, Saturday — NO WELLSPRING LIVE
  • 10/16, Sunday — Restore Event 7-9pm
  • 10/22, Saturday — Wellspring Live 5-7pm
  • 10/29, Saturday— Wellspring Live 5-7pm
  • 11/5, Saturday — Wellspring Live 5-7pm
  • 11/6, Sunday — Freedom Night 6-7pm
  • 11/12, Saturday — Wellspring Live 5-7pm
  • 11/19, Saturday — Wellspring Live 5-7pm
  • 11/26, Saturday — Wellspring Live 5-7pm
  • 12/3, Saturday — NO WELLSPRING LIVE: Rowlett Main Street Christmas Parade
  • 12/4, Sunday — Freedom Night 6-7pm
  • 12/10, Saturday — Wellspring Live 5-7pm
  • 12/17, Saturday — Wellspring Live 5-7pm
  • 12/24, Saturday — NO WELLSPRING LIVE: Freedom Place Christmas Eve Service

As we move into this new location and time, our spiritual family is going to need to build new teams to handle the various responsibilities. My hope is that everyone can help so that no one gets overburdened. Every part of the body must operate. Join us 10:30am Sunday, September 4th,  for our final family meeting in Richardson. We are going to celebrate our Father together and we are going to discuss our move into a new house of worship.

Let’s engage together!

Matt Neese


  • 09/04, 6pm — Freedom Night –
  • 09/07, 6:30pm — Wellspring Youth –
  • 09/07, 7pm — Prayer –
  • 9/10, 5pm — Wellspring Live –
  • 09/14, 7pm — Prayer –
  • 9/17, 5pm — Wellspring Live –
  • 09/21, 6:30pm — Wellspring Youth –
  • 09/21, 7pm — Prayer –
  • 09/23-24 — Christians Engaged –
  • 09/25-27 — Rosh Hashanah 5783
  • 09/28, 7pm — Prayer –

Click on the image above to get your copy of Building Blocks and move on from milk to meat in your spiritual diet.

Click on the image above to purchase your copy of the daily devotional and join our spiritual family in studying the Bible and hearing God.

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