August 17, 2022


In chess, the least respected piece is the pawn. It’s usually used as fodder and thrown into battle to be eaten up by the enemy. They’re often sacrificed to cause your opponent to move his/her pieces according to your strategy and so that you can use your more powerful pieces. A pawn can seem somewhat expendable.

In the old Star Trek TV show, you always knew the new actor on the show was going to die if they had a red shirt on. It’s so common that someone wrote a funny book where the people with the red shirts realized that they were expendable and they rebelled against the narrative and changed the universe. The red shirts were treated like pawns while the main characters were major pieces.

A pawn is very limited in what it can do on the board. And it’s impossible to win the game with only a pawn. To win you have to checkmate the opposing king; but if it’s just between a normal pawn and a king, the king can usually outmaneuver the pawn.

In the hands of the master, a pawn changes the entire game.

Have you ever heard of “Pawn Promotion”? If you can get one of your little pawns to the other side of the board, you can promote the pawn into any other piece you’d like. The weakest piece can become the most powerful piece on the board.

In order to be promoted, you have to advance across the battlefield.

You have to get to the other side. And it may seem perilous and impossible, but all things are possible in the hands of the Master.

The Hebrew word for prosper (tsalach) is the same word used to describe when the Spirit of God would come upon Samson to give him super strength. It’s the same word for when the Spirit of God came upon King Saul and caused him to prophesy. It’s the same word that’s used for when the Spirit of God came upon David right after he was anointed by Samuel. The Spirit empowers you to prosper, advance, succeed, and be promoted.

Right now, I believe the Lord is taking many of us through the Pawn Test, and this is how you pass: one surrendered move at a time. You have to quit trusting your plans and your ability, and you have to completely surrender to the Master and totally trust Him and His strategy. No one alive sees His complete strategy. Even the prophets only see in part. This is faith. We can’t see His full plan, but we act according to our trust in Him, one move at a time.

We surrender to You, Holy Spirit!

Matt Neese


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