April 27, 2022

We did it! We made it five years! This past Sunday was open mic for Wellspring members to share how being part of this spiritual family has impacted and changed their lives. WOW!!! It was SO encouraging. Click on the image below or HERE to watch the testimonies. I cut out nearly 30 minutes to reduce the video to an hour.

And you know what I feel today after hearing all of those wonderful stories? FRESH! I feel fresh and ready to step into a new and exciting beginning with my brothers and sisters. We are moving forward into new territory as a prepared and edified body of Christ.

Monday night was one of those fresh opportunities. We met in downtown Dallas in the old courtroom where Roe V Wade was first introduced, and we worshiped and prayed. The presence of God and His heavenly host filled the atmosphere of this sacred, reclaimed space. We partnered with the Kingdom of God in a powerful way, and we are going to see seismic waves, aftershocks, and reverberations rocking our city, region, and nation! A fresh new move is coming!

Wellspring ladies, mark May 14th 9:30-11:30am on your calendar. Spring is here and life is blooming! Join your sisters for a “Garden Party on the Patio”. We will be treating you to breakfast pastries and specialty coffees on the covered patio at the Modern Well in downtown Rowlett. There is sure to be lots of love and laughter. Join the fun! If you have any questions, please contact Carolyn at carolynjbarry@gmail.com.

Be fresh!

Matt Neese


  • 05/04 – Wellspring Youth
  • 05/14 – Women’s Brunch
  • 05/18 – Wellspring Youth
  • 05/28 – Men’s Coffee Talk
  • 05/29 – Water Baptism Party

daily reading.001
  • 04/27 Leviticus 27, Psalms 117, I Kings 13, Luke 20:27-47
  • 04/28 Numbers 1, Psalms 118, I Kings 14, Luke 21:1-19
  • 04/29 Numbers 2, Psalms 119, I Kings 15, Luke 21:20-38
  • 04/30 Numbers 3, Psalms 120, I Kings 16, Luke 22:1-30
  • 05/01 Numbers 4, Psalms 121, I Kings 17, Luke 22:31-53
  • 05/02 Numbers 5, Psalms 122, I Kings 18, Luke 22:54-71
  • 05/03 Numbers 6, Psalms 123, I Kings 19, Luke 23:1-26
  • 05/04 Numbers 7, Psalms 124, I Kings 20, Luke 23:27-38


Jesus replied, “Marriage is meant for this world only. Those who are worthy of the resurrection from the dead into glory become immortal, like the angels, who never die nor marry. When the dead come to life again, they will be children of God—the children of the resurrection.”

Luke 20:34-36 [The Passion Translation]

Through faith in Jesus the head of all, we are immersed into the church, His body. And then we come into unity of submission to Him and to one another. In the spiritual, this is complete. In the natural, we (His followers) are walking this out — just like in the spiritual we have been made perfect yet in the natural we’re daily walking out our sanctification. In the spiritual, we are royal children of Father God and coheirs with Christ and siblings in the Kingdom. In the natural, we’re growing in the revelation and the practice of what this means.

In the natural, Sako is my wife and I am her husband. Together we form the foundation of our household in order to produce godly children and model the Kingdom. In eternity, Sako and I are holy siblings united by the blood of Jesus and the indwelling Spirit of God — she is my sister and I am her brother. There is one great marriage, Jesus is the husband and the church is His bride. One day natural and spiritual time will come into complete alignment and this will be the one true wedding feast. There will no longer be earthly models for heavenly truth in the consummation of the ages, for in the merging of Jesus and His church a new yet original and perfect existence will be conceived. The perfect marriage of Jesus and His Bride, the Church, will birth the perfect offspring into existence, the children of the resurrection.

One day faith will no longer be necessary. Faith is believing what is yet unseen, but the day is coming that all will be revealed. The children of faith will then be the children of the resurrection. In that glorious moment, for which all creation has been longing and groaning, the resurrection will display the children of God. We will look upon each other with sinless eyes and hearts completely purified of selfishness. I will call Sako my holy sister, with no tinting of corrupt desire, jealousy, or control. From the most authentic and virtuous of loving relationships, she will call me brother. And we will take hands and we will run together in perfect joy and perfect intimacy with the One Father and His One Family.

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