April 20, 2022

Your story is the epicenter of a fresh release of breakthrough!

This past Sunday we talked about the mega-seismic activity of heaven [to watch the full message click HERE or on the image above]. One of the earth quakes we looked at together was in Acts 16. Paul and Silas were in prison because they “disturbed the city” by casting a demon out of a girl. At around midnight they were praying and singing worship songs in their cell, when suddenly there was a great earthquake (in Greek, “seismos megas”). When the heavenly mega-seismic activity hit, all the prison doors flew open and all of the prisoners’ chains were unfastened. When I read this story the Holy Spirit spoke to me:

“I want to release mega-seismic worship from My church. The reverberations will shake the foundations of the oppressive system, prisoners will be set free, and bondage will be broken.”

7pm Monday, April 25th, Wellspring has been invited to facilitate prayer and worship in the very courtroom where Roe V Wade first occurred here in Dallas. This is our Paul and Silas moment to throw open the prison doors and loose the bondage that has come on our city, our state, and our nation through the injustice of abortion. Now is the time for a fresh wave of bondage-breaking worship to rise up!

“Symbolically this feels like a monumental time to be praising and worshiping at this location. The Supreme court is expected to make a decision this summer that could very likely reverse Roe v Wade and end legalized abortion. Lord, let our prayers be heard!”

Carolyn Barry, Founder of The Restore Ministry and Leader of Wellspring Women

Physical Address: Old US Post Office & Court House, 400 N. Ervay Street,  Dallas, TX 75201 – Roe v. Wade Courtroom – 3rd Floor
Parking: Street Meter or Garage 505 N. Ervay (corner Ervay & Federal – $20/day – Drive up to Gate and Take Ticket to Raise the Gate for Entry)

Building Entry & Elevator Access to 3rd Floor: Leasing Office Glass Doors – Call Box
Dial 880 – Jeff Willard will be hosting us

On Monday we are going to cause mega-seismic activity with our prayer and praise, but this coming Sunday we will share our own seismic stories. Sunday, April 24th, we’re celebrating Wellspring Live’s fifth anniversary! Five years ago we had our first official meeting in my living room. Since then each and every member of Wellspring has grown in their intimacy with God and one another, in their identity as a member of the family of God, and in their influence as an agent of the Kingdom. Each of us have stories of how God rocked our world through our time together. These are our seismic stories. On Sunday we’ll have open mic for members of Wellspring of all ages to briefly share their Wellspring testimonies. And we’re believing together that each story is going to be the epicenter of a fresh release of breakthrough.

You are mega-seismic!

Matt Neese


  • 04/20 – Youth 6:30-8:30pm
  • 04/23 – Men’s Coffee Talk 9-11am
  • 04/24 – Wellspring Live 5th Anniversary
  • 04/25 – Courthouse Worship & Prayer 7pm
  • 05/14 – Women’s Brunch

daily reading.001
  • 04/20 Leviticus 20, Psalms 110, I Kings 6, Luke 17:1-19
  • 04/21 Leviticus 21, Psalms 111, I Kings 7, Luke 17:20-37
  • 04/22 Leviticus 22, Psalms 112, I Kings 8, Luke 18:1-17
  • 04/23 Leviticus 23, Psalms 113, I Kings 9, Luke 18:18-43
  • 04/24 Leviticus 24, Psalms 114, I Kings 10, Luke 19:1-28
  • 04/25 Leviticus 25, Psalms 115, I Kings 11, Luke 19:29-48
  • 04/26 Leviticus 26, Psalms 116, I Kings 12, Luke 20:1-26
  • 04/27 Leviticus 27, Psalms 117, I Kings 13, Luke 20:27-47


“I will also turn against those who commit spiritual prostitution by putting their trust in mediums or in those who consult the spirits of the dead. I will cut them off from the community.”

Leviticus 20:6 [New Living Translation]

Each day I really want to surrender as I read scripture. I go in expecting God to make something jump out from the Bible, and then I’ll take that verse(s) into a conversation with God. If we’re just reading scripture outside of an interactive relationship with God, it can be incredibly difficult to swallow. When Leviticus 20:6 jumped out at me, I said, “Lord, can You give me another — perhaps softer — word?” But then I felt convicted because my responsibility isn’t to pick the scripture but to hear what the Lord is saying today.

In yesterday’s word (Leviticus 19:29), we saw how wickedness spreads in a culture from first wrongly treating girls as objects to then “objectifying” boys, women, men, and every other human. When you prostitute someone, you sell them as an object for your selfish gain. Yesterday the Holy Spirit was pointing out our need to repent from seeing and treating one another as objects to be used for our own selfish desires and to instead view people as children of God.

Prostitution turns intimacy into a transaction. Sexual prostitution sells a corrupt form of sexual intimacy, and spiritual prostitution sells a corrupt form of spiritual intimacy. There is only one right way to experience sexual intimacy, and that is in a marriage submitted to the Lord and one another in love. And there is only one way to have right relationship with our Creator Father God, and that is through trusting submission to Jesus Christ and then to the members of your spiritual family in love. When we trust Him, He leads us back into created intimacy (right relationships) with our Father and our divine family.

Today the Lord is saying, “Make sure you’re putting all your trust in Jesus Christ alone.” There are many paths and mediums to the spiritual and there are many spirits, but only one right Way and only one Holy Spirit. All other ways are false intimacy and ultimately lead to death. Today let’s intentionally put our trust in the only one who is trustworthy, Jesus Christ.

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