March 30, 2022


The Lord told me we are entering a SHIFT SEASON. As I asked Him what this meant, He said, “Many parts operating in synchronicity with My timing and in harmony with one another, moving the church into a higher level of Kingdom power and productivity.” This past Sunday I talked about the double anointing available right now for those who will step into the ministry of the Watchman and the Issachar Leader. These two ministries are critical in leading the shift. Watch the message by clicking on the image above. The key words are TIME and FUNCTION, understanding the times and knowing what to do.

We are at a critical point in history. Are you ready to participate? Are you partnered with a spiritual family and prepared to engage? Or are you still riding in automatic?

This weekend Wellspring is having its annual freedom focus. April 1-2 Monte and Hugh Bromiley, the founders of Beth Shalom Freedom Ministry, will be sharing on “HARDCORE FREEDOM”. This will not be an introduction to the freedom ministry that is an essential part of Wellspring’s foundation. They will not be speaking on freedom basics or on the ministry’s processes. We’re inviting them to be completely honest in sharing their real ministry experiences and Biblical revelations regarding current events. This will not be for the easily offended and politically correct. We want truth because truth sets us free. We’ll be meeting Friday 6:30-9pm and Saturday 10am-3:30pm. Lunch will be provided. Registration is required. If you would like to participate, please contact Jill Nothrop at

Jill Nothrop is the pastor over Wellspring Freedom and leads our group of ministers who have been ordained under Beth Shalom. She’s not only skilled in leading others to freedom, she also teaches and trains on freedom. Sunday she will be teaching on how to continue taking responsibility for your freedom lifestyle and how to regularly minister freedom to yourself. Let’s choose to live in freedom right now and let’s pursue a life of increasing Kingdom liberty. We have to be committed to freedom if we’re going to operate in synchronicity with God’s timing and in harmony with one another.

Get ready to shift!

Matt Neese
daily reading.001
  • 03/30 Exodus 39, Psalms 89, II Samuel 9, Luke 6:27-49
  • 03/31 Exodus 40, Psalms 90, II Samuel 10, Luke 7:1-30
  • 04/01 Leviticus 1, Psalms 91, II Samuel 11, Luke 7:31-50
  • 04/02 Leviticus 2, Psalms 92, II Samuel 12, Luke 8:1-21
  • 04/03 Leviticus 3, Psalms 93, II Samuel 13, Luke 8:22-56
  • 04/04 Leviticus 4, Psalms 94, II Samuel 14, Luke 9:1-36
  • 04/05 Leviticus 5, Psalms 95, II Samuel 15, Luke 9:37-62
  • 04/06 Leviticus 6, Psalms 96, II Samuel 16, Luke 10:1-24


Like the moon it shall be established forever, a faithful witness in the skies.

Psalm 89:37 [English Standard Version]

This scripture is talking about the longevity of the kingdom that would come through David. We know that it was firmly established in eternity through Jesus Christ. Every time we look up and see the moon, we should remember the unshakeable Kingdom of God. The moon is our continuing faithful witness.

God likes to establish “witnesses” when He makes promises. In scripture, we have rainbows, pillars, heaps of rocks, songs, communion… He knows how forgetful and easily distracted humans can be, so when He makes a covenant with us, He’ll usually point towards something visible and declare that it is a constant visual reminder of His faithfulness and our firmly established promises.

We named our first child from this Bible verse, Luna (Latin for “moon”). Before she was born and then throughout her life, I’ve called her God’s eternal and faithful witness. I continually pray for her that she will firmly stand as a light in the darkness. May she bask in God’s glory and reflect the Son just as the moon reflects the sun. And may she help others remember God’s faithfulness. Next time you see the moon, stop and speak these same things over yourself. Through faith in Jesus, you too have been established forever, a faithful witness of God’s promises. You are a witness of the Kingdom.

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