December 8, 2021


This past Sunday I talked about walking in the promises of God versus the desires of the world. In 2 Peter 1:3-4, Peter says that the Lord who called us into intimate relationship with Himself has given us everything we will ever need to advance towards Kingdom life and godliness. We count these things He’s given as priceless and supernatural promises; and through these promises, we become intimate companions with God and His nature becomes our nature. In choosing to walk with Him, we flee away from the world’s desires and the corruption they cause.

We have two distinct paths that lead to two very different destinations. They go different directions and have different results. Walking in God’s promises will take you into God’s nature, abundant Kingdom life ,and godliness. Walking in the world’s desires will lead you into corruption, destruction, decay, rottenness, and decomposition. You and I were created to be Kingdom agents and this means knowing and living according to the nature of the King. As we’re wrapping up 2021, pay attention to the path you’re walking. If you’re on the wrong path, repent (change your thinking and turn around). Let’s finish 2021 by walking in the promises and growing in the divine nature.


  • Dec 12, 10:30am – Jill Nothrop: Your Word for the Year
  • Dec 18, 9:30am – Women’s Brunch
  • Dec 19, 10:30am – Christmas Party on the Lot
  • Dec 26 – No Meeting
  • Jan 2, 10:30am – Annual Fast Begins
  • Jan 7, 7:00pm – Annual Fast Meeting
  • Jan 8, 6:00pm – Annual Fast Meeting
  • Jan 9, 10:30am – 2021 Testimonies & 2022 Words

If you need any addition info, please let me know. I hope you’re excited and ready to celebrate together. Let’s finish 2021 well and boldly charge into 2022!

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


2 John is like a love letter to the Church, the elect lady, the chosen woman. The Church is the Bride of Christ and we, its members, are her children. All who are her children love her, love one another, and love God.

John says that he rejoiced exceedingly when he found the church living in truth. The Greek says, “Echaren lian hoti heureka…” Does that last word look familiar? Have you ever heard someone yell, “Eureka!” It means to discover after searching, and in modern use it often includes a great revelation. John said, “I rejoiced exceedingly that I have discovered…” John was jumping up and down exuberantly with joyful praise when he found Church members actually living in God’s truth and love.

As a pastor, I can relate to John’s feelings. When I see members of my spiritual family walking in faith, I feel such celebratory joy. When I hear their testimonies, I want to clap my hands in delight. When their eyes go wide with revelation, I want to yell, “Yes!!!” When I watch them lovingly encouraging and ministering to one another, it makes every challenge and sacrifice worthwhile. And my joy and delight is nothing compared to that of our Creator God. His celebratory jumping shakes the mountains, His delighted clapping cracks like thunder, and His shout of “Yes!!!” resonates through the heavens and the earth.

daily reading.001
  • 12/08 Proverbs 26, Isaiah 42, Ezekiel 36, II John 1
  • 12/09 Proverbs 27, Isaiah 43, Ezekiel 37, III John 1
  • 12/10 Proverbs 28, Isaiah 44, Ezekiel 38, Jude 1
  • 12/11 Proverbs 29, Isaiah 45, Ezekiel 39, Revelation 1
  • 12/12 Proverbs 30, Isaiah 46, Ezekiel 40, Revelation 2
  • 12/13 Proverbs 31, Isaiah 47, Ezekiel 41, Revelation 3
  • 12/14 Isaiah 48, Ezekiel 42, Revelation 4
  • 12/15 Isaiah 49, Ezekiel 43, Revelation 5

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