December 1, 2021


The nature of God and the corruption of the world do not walk hand in hand. They are not complimentary and interdependent like “yin and yang”. In statistics, mutually exclusive describes two or more events that cannot happen simultaneously. When talking about choices, if two options in a decision are mutually exclusive, you cannot have them both. Mutual exclusivity is like flipping a quarter — either heads or tells, never both. The Kingdom and the world are mutually exclusive.

This past Sunday, Ben Nothrop, co-pastor of Wellspring, taught on two very distinct operating systems: the heavenly system versus the world’s system. He shared stories of supernatural acts of God that defy the world’s rules. You can watch his lesson by clicking on the image above.

On December 5th, I’ll be continuing the contrast by talking about walking in God’s promises versus pursuing worldly desires. According to 2 Peter 1:4, the promises enable us to share God’s divine nature while the desires cause corruption. The direction we choose impacts every aspect of our lives and our legacy. Promises or desires? Join us Sunday.


  • Dec 5 – Matt Neese: Promises or Desires?
  • Dec 12 – Jill Nothrop: Hold Fast to Your Word
  • Dec 19 – Christmas Party on the Lot
  • Dec 26 – No Meeting
  • Jan 2 – Annual Fast Begins
  • Jan 7 – Annual Fast (Evening Meeting)
  • Jan 8 – Annual Fast (Evening Meeting)
  • Jan 9 – 2021 Testimonies & 2022 Words

Get ready to finish 2021 well and drive stronger than ever into 2022!

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


Lot grew up under the faith of his uncle (Abram/Abraham) and, like his uncle, Lot had a heart for God and for God’s right ways. As the two walked together, they were both greatly blessed and prosperous. They decided that the land could not sustain them while together, and it was time to go their separate ways. Abram allowed Lot to choose first, and Lot chose the place most appealing to the eye, the lands of Sodom and Gomorrah.

At first Lot lived outside Sodom, but when enemy kings attacked the city they also took him and everything he owned. Abram came to his rescue, but after that experience, Lot moved his family into the “safety” of the city. This proved to be another serious error because the wickedness of the culture infected his household. In Sodom, Lot lost everything he owned and everything he cared about (including his wife). He escaped to a cave in the mountains with only his two daughters, who brought the wickedness of Sodom with them. The family line of Lot (his legacy) was corrupted and became enemies of the line of Abram. Yet through all of this and all of Lot’s bad choices, he was righteous and he was greatly distressed by the culture into which he had brought his family. Sadly, even in his righteous distress, Lot didn’t leave until God literally dragged him out.

Righteous does not mean perfect. Our faith puts us in right position with God, but we’re still living in a fallen world and we still battle our selfish desires that corrupt us and the world around us. According to the Bible, Lot was righteous and he was blessed and prosperous, and then selfish desires started leading him and his legacy into corruption. We can be righteous and feel sincere conviction about the sin of our culture, yet still make choices that allow the culture to poison our legacy. First Lot chose what appeared most pleasant and plentiful, then Lot chose the “safety” of a wicked city over true security found in seeking and trusting God.

Right now saved Christians are making choices, and those choices will affect everything they have and love. Those choices will affect their legacy. Do not chose according to worldly desires or according to fear. True prosperity will not be found in the world, nor will true security come within its corrupt walls. The Lord alone is our source of blessing and protection. Seek the Lord with all that you are, and walk in intimacy with Him. Choose Him and His ways every time!

daily reading.001
  • 12/01 Proverbs 19, Isaiah 35, Ezekiel 29, II Peter 2
  • 12/02 Proverbs 20, Isaiah 36, Ezekiel 30, II Peter 3
  • 12/03 Proverbs 21, Isaiah 37, Ezekiel 31, I John 1
  • 12/04 Proverbs 22, Isaiah 38, Ezekiel 32, I John 2
  • 12/05 Proverbs 23, Isaiah 39, Ezekiel 33, I John 3
  • 12/06 Proverbs 24, Isaiah 40, Ezekiel 34, I John 4
  • 12/07 Proverbs 25, Isaiah 41, Ezekiel 35, I John 5
  • 12/08 Proverbs 26, Isaiah 42, Ezekiel 36, II John 1

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