November 24, 2021

We have to take back 2021 so that we’re ready for the challenge of next year. In order to do that, we must escape the insanity and get above the offense. We need to get free, get back on track, and get back to celebrating.

This past Sunday I shared a dream about an insane asylum filled with tripwires, and the voice of heaven saying, “If you want to escape the insanity, you have to get above the offense.” The world around us has gone insane and the spirit of Foolish is in charge of the asylum. Offense and opportunities to be offended abound, ensnaring and entrapping nearly everyone.  We need three important keys right now if we’re going to operate according to our divine design and bring reformation to the world. Watch the message (click on the image above) to learn these necessary 3 Keys to Getting Above the Offense and Escaping the Insanity that has bound the nations.

Sunday, November 28, Ben Nothrop will be teaching. He’ll be contrasting “Systems of Thinking“. We’ll look at the world’s system and the Kingdom’s system, comparing our present culture with Kingdom examples from the Bible. Join us as we learn and apply what the Spirit is showing Ben.


  • Nov 28 – Ben Nothrop Teaching
  • Nov 29 – More on Monday (women’s meeting)
  • Dec 5 – Matt Neese Teaching
  • Dec 12 – Jill Nothrop Teaching
  • Dec 19 – Christmas Party on the Lot
  • Dec 26 – No Meeting
  • Jan 2-9 – ANNUAL FAST: Kingdom Agents

Get ready to finish stronger than we started!

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


Proverbs 25:28 says, “A person without self-control is like a city with broken-down walls.” It’s also true that a nation with broken-down walls is like a person without self-control. You cannot control that which has no boundaries. A person with no boundaries is always corrupted and bound by sin. Just like a person, a nation without boundaries is always corrupted, invaded, and overtaken by its enemies. If boundaries aren’t set by God, bondage will be inflicted by the demonic. Do you want boundaries or bondage?

Recently we’ve had two administrations with extremely different views on boundaries. We had national leadership who wanted to rebuild and secure our nation’s boundaries. During that time, crime was reduced, sex trafficking of women and children was reduced, the illegal drug trade was reduced, and it was becoming more and more difficult for our outside enemies and terrorists to find their way into the nation. Then new leadership stepped in who completely removed the boundaries. Crime increased, sex trafficking increased, the power and violence of the drug gangs increased, and enemies of the nation are easily walking across the border. Boundaries or bondage?

Physical walls are a manifestation in the natural of spiritual boundaries. What’s happening to our nation in the natural is a manifestation of its people’s rebellion against God’s directions. God is actively looking for someone who might rebuild the wall of righteousness that guards the land, someone to stand in the gap in the wall. And here is where I get excited, because right now we have not just one person but a multitude of churches rising up. The true children of God are coming back into alignment with the true King’s rule and they are actively rebuilding their spiritual walls and the spiritual walls of this nation. We are turning back to the covenant with God that conceived this nation, and we’re seeking His will above our own. A great movement of repentance and reformation is rising, and with it will come rebuilding. Are you part of this movement? Are you for restoring the boundaries and resisting the bondage?

daily reading.001
  • 11/24 Proverbs 12, Isaiah 28, Ezekiel 22, James 5
  • 11/25 Proverbs 13, Isaiah 29, Ezekiel 23, I Peter 1
  • 11/26 Proverbs 14, Isaiah 30, Ezekiel 24, I Peter 2
  • 11/27 Proverbs 15, Isaiah 31, Ezekiel 25, I Peter 3
  • 11/28 Proverbs 16, Isaiah 32, Ezekiel 26, I Peter 4
  • 11/29 Proverbs 17, Isaiah 33, Ezekiel 27, I Peter 5
  • 11/30 Proverbs 18, Isaiah 34, Ezekiel 28, II Peter 1
  • 12/01 Proverbs 19, Isaiah 35, Ezekiel 29, II Peter 2

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