October 6, 2021


This past Sunday we talked about what God is doing in the Church. He is raising up new leaders for a new church, in which every member is fed, fearless, whole, and set. He desires for Wellspring to be one of these new Kingdom churches, these “new wineskins”, and our response is, “YES, LORD!”

When it comes to Fed, Fearless, Whole and Set, we’ve talked about the necessity of feeding on the Word, about being fearless (watch Love & Fear on Youtube), and about freedom and wholeness (watch The Way to Freedom on Youtube). This coming Sunday, OCTOBER 10th, we’re going to focus more on BEING SET. Being set means that you’re first committed to and rooted in a spiritual family under the headship of Jesus, and then that you’re participating as a functioning part of the body.

In celebration of this concept, we are going to model the Acts church (Acts 6:2-7) by laying hands on a couple of our servant leaders and officially setting them into their ministries. In doing this we recognize the grace upon their lives, we endorse the calling to lead in Wellspring, and we impart and activate greater empowerment in order to fully accomplish the plans of the Lord. Debbie Countryman will be set as the leader for Wellspring’s prayer ministry, and Carolyn Barry will be set as the leader for Wellspring’s women’s ministry. How awesome is that?!

We’re also going to have a panel conversation about what the GIFTS OF THE SPIRIT look like in Wellspring Church. 1 Corinthians 12:8-10 lists gifts of the Spirit being words of wisdom, words of knowledge, gift of faith, gift of healing, working of miracles, prophecy, tongues, interpretation of tongues. Romans 12:7-8 adds gifts of service, teaching, exhortation, giving, leading, and acts of mercy. Our pastoral team (Jill and Ben Nothrop, and Sako and I) will share about each of these wonderfully valuable gifts and talk about what it would look like to have these gifts functioning in Wellspring. We’re going to have fun! Come ready to participate and celebrate!

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


The gospel is the “good news” that God loves the world so much that He sent His Son, Jesus, to save us. All humankind was on a straight path to judgement because of its sin, yet Jesus was sent to redeem us and restore us to right intimacy with our Father God and our spiritual siblings, right identity as heavenly sons and daughters and royal Kingdom agents, and right influence as those called to govern, guard, and grow all creation for all eternity. All of this is available through faith in the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is good news!

No matter what is happening in the world around you, keep your eyes on Jesus and make Him the center of your worldview. Keep your paradigm (the way that you view and process reality) founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ, regardless of what others say or do. We are no longer confined by each passing present moment, but we’ve been lifted into a higher view of everything. We see the immediate within the light of eternity, and we see our minute by minute lives in the context of the coming millennial reign, the final judgement, the end, and the timeless beginning. If Jesus is the Head and His Kingdom is the source of our perspective, our seeing, our thinking, our decision making, and our actions, we will remain unshaken by the schemes of the enemy and we will walk as a united and victorious front with our Kingdom siblings.

And then you will never be shaken or intimidated by the opposition that rises up against us. Your courage will prove to be a sure sign from God of their coming destruction. — Philippians 1:28 TPT

daily reading.001
  • 10/06 Zechariah 12, Psalm 129, Jeremiah 30, Philippians 1
  • 10/07 Zechariah 13, Psalm 130, Jeremiah 31, Philippians 2
  • 10/08 Zechariah 14, Psalm 131, Jeremiah 32, Philippians 3
  • 10/09 Malachi 1, Psalm 132, Jeremiah 33, Philippians 4
  • 10/10 Malachi 2, Psalm 133, Jeremiah 34, Colossians 1
  • 10/11 Malachi 3, Psalm 134, Jeremiah 35, Colossians 2
  • 10/12 Malachi 4, Psalm 135, Jeremiah 36, Colossians 3
  • 10/13 Hosea 1, Psalm 136, Jeremiah 37, Colossians 4

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