September 29, 2021

In my daily word (below) the Lord spoke to me through Jeremiah 23:4 that He is raising up a new generation of church leaders. He’s raising up new leaders for a new church, in which every member is fed, fearless, whole, and set. This is what the Kingdom of God looks like, a church that loves the Word of God and eats from it continually. A church that is fearless because it’s Spirit-full. A church that is whole because it’s committed to healing and freedom. And a church that is set, every part functioning in committed intimacy under the headship of Jesus. The Lord desires for Wellspring to be one of these new Kingdom churches, these “new wineskins”; therefore we together are committed to being fed, fearless, whole, and set.

This coming Sunday I believe we’re suppose to talk more about this, and I also believe that the Holy Spirit wants to activate some of His gifts among us. He wants to take those who are set in the Wellspring body by faith and now switch them into “on” mode. He’s saying, “Ready? Set? Go!” Sunday is go time. The Lord has been raising the Water level each of the past few Sundays. He’s been raising faith and releasing healings and miracles, and more is coming as each Wellspring member says, “Here I am. Activate me, Lord.”

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


God is raising up and establishing a new generation of leaders who will steward with His heart. Leaders are simply stewards of God’s people. He positions them to care, to cast out fear, to restore, and to maintain community.

In caring, the shepherd leads the flock to sustenance and makes sure they’re eating well. This is where we get our title “pastor”. Pastor comes from the Latin word “pascere”, which means to feed. God is positioning pastors who will make sure His flock is being sustained and growing in His Word. To care is to impart Truth, not a steady diet of junk-food motivational speeches or ear-tickling empty words.

How does a leader completely remove fear? Godlike love CASTS OUT ALL FEAR. God is positioning leaders who are filled with the holy boldness of His righteous unworldly love. God’s glorious love causes the darkness to flee, and with it every bit of fear. The Spirit of God, that is the saturating mark of His agents, is supernatural in power, holy in love, and righteous in conduct.

The word “dismayed” means shattered. The Lord is positioning leaders who are trained and committed to healing the fractures of God’s people. He wants His people to be whole — nothing missing and nothing lacking — so that they’re uncracked vessels ready to contain, transport, and deliver His glory.

Finally, God is positioning leaders who are committed to forming intimate community. The flock is His body and He alone is the Head. His positioned leaders serve His mind and His purposes in humbly bringing the other parts of His body together, functioning in unity. The zealous desire of God’s leaders is that Christ’s Body would be whole, healthy, and fully operational — “neither shall any be missing.”

daily reading.001
  • 9/29 Zechariah 5, Psalm 122, Jeremiah 23, Galatians 6
  • 9/30 Zechariah 6, Psalm 123, Jeremiah 24, Ephesians 1
  • 10/01 Zechariah 7, Psalm 124, Jeremiah 25, Ephesians 2
  • 10/02 Zechariah 8, Psalm 125, Jeremiah 26, Ephesians 3
  • 10/03 Zechariah 9, Psalm 126, Jeremiah 27, Ephesians 4
  • 10/04 Zechariah 10, Psalm 127, Jeremiah 28, Ephesians 5
  • 10/05 Zechariah 11, Psalm 128, Jeremiah 29, Ephesians 6
  • 10/06 Zechariah 12, Psalm 129, Jeremiah 30, Philippians 1

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