September 22, 2021

The past few months have been rough for a lot of people. In Wellspring, we’ve had a heavy mix of parents and family members passing away, of people sick in the hospital, and of people’s physical strength sapped by COVID. Nearly every person who helped us start Wellspring in 2017 (including our entire board) was out due to a variety of challenges that all struck at the same time. With a church that is still only a few years old, this should have knocked us down. In our natural strength, the best we could have hoped for was just to maintain. But that’s not what happened.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. [Romans 8:28 New Living Translation]

One of the wonderful themes of the Bible is that God takes what the enemy intends for evil and He uses it to bring about His own perfect intentions. As the enemy swings a punch, God – like a master of martial arts – uses the enemy’s own momentum to take him down. As the enemy took a swing at our Wellspring family, God’s Spirit rose up in the rest of His children and they surrounded those that were hurt and then pushed forward with an aggressive offense. We now have a strong intercessory team that didn’t even exist a few months ago. We now have a worship team that has bound together under a new creative mantle, and they’ve been producing new song after new song that is saturated with God’s holy presence. And we have testimony after testimony of God’s healing, God’s deliverance, and God’s miracles. And THIS IS JUST A BEGINNING! The Kingdom advances with the force of an unstoppable wave!

In World War II, much of America’s industrial complex was transformed from peace time production to war time production. Factory’s that once made cars were suddenly churning out tanks. In this time, the church has made a shift from peace time production to war time production, and we are now churning out Kingdom agents equipped with Kingdom power, Kingdom love, and Kingdom lifestyle. Nothing is going to conquer the warrior bride of Christ because nothing is capable of landing a blow that doesn’t immediately work out for her good. This is a universal law stronger than gravity. WE ARE VICTORIOUS!!!

Our present sermon series is called “Training Community”. Originally when I heard the Spirit give me that title, I thought we were going to review three of our key words: Freedom, Encouragement, and Growth. That’s not what God had in mind. The series has turned into charges to rise up, take our position, and go to war.

On Sunday, September 26, Sally Pearson is going to talk about the winning goodness of our great Hero God. She’s going to share her recent revelations and personal experiences of God miraculously turning evil agendas to reveal His sovereign power. Are you ready for a story? Come with faith ready to make it your story.

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


In the South we have a saying when you’re about to do something incredibly awesome: “Hold my beer and watch this.” Of course, it’s usually something dangerously stupid as well, but if you survive you have a story that will be repeated and shared. When you hear a friend say this, you immediately become more attentive with anticipation. No matter how this thing goes, a story is about to be born.

If God was a redneck, right now He’d be saying, “Hold my beer and watch this.” But He doesn’t do stupid, He only does awesome! In the original text, He starts by saying, “Behold!” Pay attention! He is about to do something that will cause all of the nations to know His power and His might. And He is about to do something that will make Him famous to those who previously didn’t recognize Him. They will know His name is Yahweh.

Do you feel it in the air? Is your faith vibrating with anticipation? Are you on the edge of your seat, or better yet are you standing up? Because things are about to get crazy around here. I know that I know that I know we’ve come to a critical moment in time that God is telling those who are near Him and listening, “A story is being born. Are you watching? I’m about to do something you’ve never seen before, and it’s going to be awesome!”

daily reading.001
  • 9/22 Zephaniah 3, Psalm 115, Jeremiah 16, II Corinthians 12
  • 9/23 Haggai 1, Psalm 116, Jeremiah 17, II Corinthians 13
  • 9/24 Haggai 2, Psalm 117, Jeremiah 18, Galatians 1
  • 9/25 Zechariah 1, Psalm 118, Jeremiah 19, Galatians 2
  • 9/26 Zechariah 2, Psalm 119, Jeremiah 20, Galatians 3
  • 9/27 Zechariah 3, Psalm 120, Jeremiah 21, Galatians 4
  • 9/28 Zechariah 4, Psalm 121, Jeremiah 22, Galatians 5
  • 9/29 Zechariah 5, Psalm 122, Jeremiah 23, Galatians 6

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