March 24, 2021

This coming Sunday, March 28th, we’re wrapping up our annual Freedom Month with Lab Groups. I love the testimonies of revelation, healing, and peace that I’ve heard from our people. Personally, I’ve felt a continually increasing desire to be completely whole and filled with the Spirit of God. I want Jesus and nothing but Jesus living in me and occupying my life. I want His name on the mailbox, His name hanging on the sign by the door, His presence and His glory, His abundant life, His Living Waters immersing and overflowing all that I am. Nothing compares to experiencing our created design as His temples. What’s your testimony from Freedom Month?

On Sunday come ready to discuss and hear from others about what God has revealed and done. Come ready to experience God together with a group of fellow vessels. Come ready to be ministered to and to minister to others in a small group. It’s lab time! We learn, practice and grow together.

If you missed Jill Nothrop’s message or my message, take some time the next few days to catch up on our website or on Youtube:

  • The Long Game – Jill Nothrop talks about God’s view of time and the importance of bringing our perspective into alignment with God. Our perspective affects our freedom and that of the following generations. Are we thinking, planning, and operating according to the long game or the short gain?
  • Full Capacity – God wants to make you free and fit to be full. You were made by God to be a vessel to contain and convey the glorious Spirit of God Himself. In this lesson, I talk about your designed capacity and the importance of growing in freedom in order to restore that capacity to its original intended contents.

Jill did a wonderful job sharing and the video is easy to listen to. I changed the audio set up last weekend and unfortunately it didn’t go according to plan, so my message has pretty bad sound quality. If you’re not able to hear it, please email me and I’ll send you a written version of the message. I really want to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to hear and benefit from both of these messages.

Here’s what’s happening the next few weeks:

  • Sunday, March 28 – We’ll break into Lab Groups to discuss and apply what we’ve learned together. Please let me know whether or not you’ll be attending on Sunday so that we can prepare groups and leaders. Also, if you’re new to Wellspring this is a great opportunity to find out more about us. Sako (my wife) and I love use Lab Group Sundays to fellowship with new people.
  • Sunday, April 4 – Bring a lawn chair because we’re celebrating Easter Sunday out in the parking lot. We’ll worship and read from scripture together about Jesus’ resurrection. Then Hamburger Man will provide food and the kids will have an Easter egg hunt.
  • Wednesdays, April 7 to May 5, 7-830pm – I’m having meetings at my house for five weeks. I’m calling it “School of the Sword: Wielding the Spoken Word”. Usually my groups are heavy on teaching, but this group will be more focused on practicing together. We’ll have worship and we’ll practice hearing and speaking the word of God. Ready to get dangerous? This group is open to all ages, as long as you’re ready and willing to participate. We’re all just taller children, right? Please let me know if you’d like to join us or if you have questions.

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


What John was doing was an act of repentant preparation. His baptism was a symbol of cleansing from sinful living to be followed by a lifestyle of holiness. It was preparation because it positioned the people to receive the grace of God coming through Jesus. John’s baptism was still religious works and human efforts of holiness; but until we’ve recognized and acknowledged the impossibility of holiness outside of God’s grace, we’re not ready to fall at Jesus’ feet and surrender to the purifying fire of the Holy Spirit.

John was not the savior, nor was his baptism salvation. He was a prophetic watchman on the wall, yelling to the people to get ready for their approaching King of Salvation. “Stand at attention and prepare yourselves! The Supreme and Mighty One is coming who will completely immerse you in His transformative Spirit!”

Our works and good deeds won’t save us. In fact, our works show us how impossible it is to be good enough. This is why Jesus Christ, the Son of God, had to suffer and die on behalf of us. He took all of our sin upon Himself so that now when we’re water baptized we’re baptized into Him, our Lord Jesus and His crucifixion and resurrection. Then we’re empowered to follow Jesus and be daughters and sons of God through baptism in His Holy Spirit. We’re no longer identified by our “good works” (which always fall short of good enough), but we are identified by the works of Christ and by His Spirit that consumes us and radiates from us.

daily reading.001
  • 2021/03/24 Exodus 33, Psalms 83, 2 Samuel 3, Luke 3
  • 2021/03/25 Exodus 34, Psalms 84, 2 Samuel 4, Luke 4:1-32
  • 2021/03/26 Exodus 35, Psalms 85, 2 Samuel 5, Luke 4:33-44
  • 2021/03/27 Exodus 36, Psalms 86, 2 Samuel 6, Luke 5:1-16
  • 2021/03/28 Exodus 37, Psalms 87, 2 Samuel 7, Luke 5:17-39
  • 2021/03/29 Exodus 38, Psalms 88, 2 Samuel 8, Luke 6:1-26
  • 2021/03/30 Exodus 39, Psalms 89, 2 Samuel 9, Luke 6:27-49
  • 2021/03/31 Exodus 40, Psalms 90, 2 Samuel 10, Luke 7:1-30

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