March 31, 2021

Are you still stuck in the tomb? Sometimes people worship a crucifix with an image of Jesus nailed to it, but He’s not on the cross. Sometimes people slouch through life like they’re victimized zombies. If you’re looking for Jesus, He’s not hanging out in the graveyard. He rose from the dead by the power of the Holy Spirit! He is not in the tomb! The Lord is God of the living, but some of us are still stuck in the tomb. He’s not there, and He’s inviting you and I and everyone we know to come out.

On April 4th at 10:30am, come out into the sunlight with us. We’re meeting outside to worship the risen Christ together and to celebrate this joyful “tomb free” life. Bring a lawn chair, and if you have children (9 and under) make sure each of them have something to hold their Easter eggs. Also, make sure you download and/or update the Wellspring.Live app. Since we’ll be outside we won’t be using the projector for worship lyrics, but the lyrics are available on the app. After worship we’re going to enjoy hanging out, eating hamburgers, and watching the children have an egg hunt. Hamburger Man will be preparing burgers for everyone.

Please reply to this email if you’re coming and if you’re bringing anyone. I just want to have a tentative headcount for Hamburger Man and for our Easter eggs. I can’t wait to enjoy my Father God and my spiritual siblings!

From April 7 to May 5, I’m having meetings at my house for five Wednesday evenings (7-8:30pm). I’m calling it School of the Sword: Wielding the Spoken Word. Usually my groups are heavy on teaching, but this group will be more focused on practicing together. We’ll have worship and we’ll practice hearing and speaking the word of God. Ready to get dangerous? This group is open to all ages, as long as you’re ready and willing to participate. Please let me know if you’d like to join us or if you have questions.

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


John’s disciples asked Jesus if He was the Messiah, and Jesus answered by saying, “Tell John what you see and hear.” The Kingdom of God is visible, audible, and tangible. The impact Jesus makes in His presence and ministry is undeniable. His message is one of eternal hope and present power.

Is Jesus your Messiah? Is He real to you? Is He the same today as He was then? Is He alive in you? Don’t you want all of Him and His ministry in your life, not just for your benefit but for the benefit of all around you?

Jesus, all we want is more of You! Help us to think and operate as You. We want to know You and experience Your presence today. Our hope is You, Savior Jesus! May the powerful presence of Your Kingdom be evident — visually, audibly, and tangibly — in and around us. Today, open eyes, heal the crippled, cure the sick, open ears, and raise the dead into newness of life. May we who were poor and broken be as porous sponges, soaked full of Your hope and glory. Fill us up! All we want is more of You!

daily reading.001
  • 03/31 Exodus 40, Psalms 90, 2 Samuel 10, Luke 7:1-30
  • 04/01 Leviticus 1, Psalms 91, 2 Samuel 11, Luke 7:31-50
  • 04/02 Leviticus 2, Psalms 92, 2 Samuel 12, Luke 8:1-21
  • 04/03 Leviticus 3, Psalms 93, 2 Samuel 13, Luke 8:22-56
  • 04/04 Leviticus 4, Psalms 94, 2 Samuel 14, Luke 9:1-36
  • 04/05 Leviticus 5, Psalms 95, 2 Samuel 15, Luke 9:37-62
  • 04/06 Leviticus 6, Psalms 96, 2 Samuel 16, Luke 10:1-24
  • 04/07 Leviticus 7, Psalms 97, 2 Samuel 17, Luke 10:25-42

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