March 10, 2021

This past Sunday Jill Nothrop talked about God’s view of time and the importance of bringing our perspective into alignment with God. Our perspective affects our freedom and that of the following generations. Are we thinking, planning, and operating according to the long game or the short gain? Are we seeking freedom not only for ourselves but for our children and our children’s children? You can watch the message by clicking on the image above.

Every year we take a month to celebrate and grow in the freedom Jesus Christ has provided for us. This weekend is very special to us as the founders of Beth Shalom Ministries join us to ordain new ministers and impart fresh encouragement and power.

  • Sunday, March 12 – Ordination service for new freedom ministers. This is a private celebration for Wellspring members and family members of those being ordained. RSVP is required.
  • Saturday, March 13 – Monte & Hugh Bromiley (founders of Beth Shalom Ministries) will share on freedom and understanding spiritual authority. We’ll meet at our normal location from 10am to 3:30pm and lunch will be included. RSVP is required. If you did not receive the evite and you would like to participate, please email Jill Nothrop at
  • Sunday, March 14 – We’ll hear testimonies from our newly ordained freedom ministers.
  • Sunday, March 21 – I will be talking about freedom and our spiritual capacity for greatness.
  • Sunday, March 28 – We’ll break into Lab Groups to discuss and apply what we’ve been learning.

If you have any questions about this next month, please let me know. I can’t wait to see how freedom is experienced and expressed over this next month in each and every person’s life. Get ready to go further and higher! We’re in this for the long game!

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


All the earth belongs to the Lord. When humankind repeatedly demonstrated that they didn’t want Him, He delegated the authority over them to angelic beings. God still owned everything and everyone, but He allowed people and land areas to be ruled by principalities that became their “gods” (Deuteronomy 32:8). He kept the descendants of Abraham for Himself as His special possession. Through this bloodline He would provide a Savior who would make a way for all humankind to turn from their sin and slavery to these rulers and be made free and whole according to their design as children of God.

Now we are in the Age of Grace. Through the blood of Jesus, there is an open invitation to all humankind to be reborn and re-identified. Previously, one tribe was the special treasured possession of God; but now all nations are invited to cast off their “gods” and become reconciled to their One True Almighty Creator Father God who owns the earth and everything in it. Through faith in Jesus, we’re cut off from the bloodlines of those ruled for generations by principalities, and we’re grafted into the holy bloodline of the Kingdom Family.

“You will be My Kingdom of Priests, My Holy Nation,” says the Lord. While the invitation is still open, come! Allow Christ to graft you into His royal line. Allow Him to purify you and make you holy through His sacrifice. Declare your whole-hearted allegiance to His Holy Nation, eternally set apart and above every earthly nation tied to ancient yet temporary spiritual rulers. Come out from among all the peoples on earth and be the Lord’s very own.

daily reading.001
  • 2021/03/10 Exodus 19, Psalms 69, 1 Samuel 20, Mark 12:28-44
  • 2021/03/11 Exodus 20, Psalms 70, 1 Samuel 21, Mark 13:1-13
  • 2021/03/12 Exodus 21, Psalms 71, 1 Samuel 22, Mark 13:14-37
  • 2021/03/13 Exodus 22, Psalms 72, 1 Samuel 23, Mark 14:1-25
  • 2021/03/14 Exodus 23, Psalms 73, 1 Samuel 24, Mark 14:26-50
  • 2021/03/15 Exodus 24, Psalms 74, 1 Samuel 25, Mark 14:51-72
  • 2021/03/16 Exodus 25, Psalms 75, 1 Samuel 26, Mark 15:1-26
  • 2021/03/17 Exodus 26, Psalms 76, 1 Samuel 27, Mark 15:27-47

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