July 29, 2020

Wellspring is a Jesus-focused spiritual family committed to a culture of freedom, encouragement, and growth.

Freedom is an essential part of who we are, but what does freedom really look like in an interactive community? Though the culture around us loves to flaunt the word “freedom”, it’s incapable of truly demonstrating it. In fact, it seems that the more we talk about freedom, the more humankind is determined to beat each other into submission.

The United States of America has represented freedom to the world since it’s birth as a Christian nation, yet all we see around us is abrasive division and enslavement to anti-Biblical rhetoric. In our current climate, you choose a camp, demonstrate loyalty, and hatefully bash anyone who is not a card-carrying zealot on your team. The truth of what’s going on around us is crazy… It’s like a strange fictional novel of conspiracy theories, but it’s all real and it can be incredibly frustrating and confusing.

One of the big movements right now, “Black Lives Matter”, preaches freedom and equality and respect for human life, yet at its foundation is a strategy to overthrow our form of government, destroy the family model, and bring a reign of oppressive, ungodly ideology. The founders of this organization even admit being trained by the oppressive (and failed) Marxist regime in Venezuela. If you want to see how that ends up going, read your history books. I watched a live interview with one protestor who made the mistake of saying that he was for the movement but could understand some of the opposition. The moment that he said he could understand the opposition, all of the protestors around him pushed into his face and began verbally assaulting him. They literally tore into him and commanded him to leave their group. No opposing ideas are permitted, and to understand the “enemy” is to be the “enemy.”

Planned Parenthood has launched massive fundraising campaigns promoting freedom for women. Recently in the news, Planned Parenthood finally admitted that their founder was a racist whose goal was to cleanse the genetic pool of minorities. The strategy of their organization was to provide abortions for the “undesirables” but preach it as promoting women’s freedom. 79% of its surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of African American or Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods, yet this organization has pushed a shutdown on anyone who has tried to communicate the truth. They’ve made the world believe that if you’re not with them then you hate women.

We are in a politically correct “Cancel Culture” environment that shuts down the ability to openly discuss ideas that are unpopular to the masses or the controlling media. How in the world do we have intimate community with one another in which Christ-like freedom is highly valued and demonstrated? How do we even begin to talk about what freedom really looks like when the noisy world is shouting us down with lies robed in false compassion?

We’ve been talking about “Staying On Target”, and for Wellspring an important part of our target is freedom. This coming Sunday Jill Nothrop is going to begin tackling some of these questions for us. Jill and Ben Nothrop are our Wellspring experts on freedom ministry, so who better to launch the conversation. Join us Sunday. Let’s focus on Jesus and get back on target together.

His love is better than life!

Matt Neese
daily reading.001
  • 7/29 Job 24, Psalm 61, 2 Chronicles 31, Acts 28:1-15
  • 7/30 Job 25, Psalm 62, 2 Chronicles 32, Acts 28:16-31
  • 7/31 Job 26, Psalm 63, 2 Chronicles 33, Romans 1
  • 8/1 Job 27, Psalm 64, 2 Chronicles 34, Romans 2
  • 8/2 Job 28, Psalm 65, 2 Chronicles 35, Romans 3
  • 8/3 Job 29, Psalm 66, 2 Chronicles 36, Romans 4
  • 8/4 Job 30, Psalm 67, Ezra 1, Romans 5
  • 8/5 Job 31, Psalm 68, Ezra 2, Romans 6

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