July 22, 2020

This next Sunday, July 26th, we’re celebrating communion with breakfast tacos. At 10:30am we’ll receive communion together, then afterwards we’ll have a time of fellowship and food. It’s been a while since we all received communion together, so I’m really looking forward to this weekend. Please plan to bring $5 per person 12 years and older.

I love our church family. I love the warmth and camaraderie, the open fellowship even between age ranges, and the growing sense of family. I love just sitting and watching the familiar interaction and sincere care that everyone has with each other.

In this world of friction and irreconcilable differences, we truly have a wellspring of life among us. This is something birthed through the death and resurrection of Jesus. He made us new creations empowered by a new Spirit so that we love each other in a way that is foreign and countercultural to the world around us. This is one of the things we celebrate when we remember Jesus, His body that was broken, and His blood that was shed for us. He resurrected right relationships that died long ago in the Garden of Eden. Don’t you just love Jesus and His church?!

His love is better than life!

Matt Neese
daily reading.001
  • 7/22 Job 17, Psalm 54, II Chronicles 24, Acts 23:1-11
  • 7/23 Job 18, Psalm 55, II Chronicles 25, Acts 23:12-35
  • 7/24 Job 19, Psalm 56, II Chronicles 26, Acts 24
  • 7/25 Job 20, Psalm 57, II Chronicles 27, Acts 25
  • 7/26 Job 21, Psalm 58, II Chronicles 28, Acts 26
  • 7/27 Job 22, Psalm 59, II Chronicles 29, Acts 27:1-25
  • 7/28 Job 23, Psalm 60, II Chronicles 30, Acts 27:26-44
  • 7/29 Job 24, Psalm 61, II Chronicles 31, Acts 28:1-15

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