April 29, 2020

Beautiful Hope.001

“Focus on the beauty of hope and develop your language of hope.”

This was the statement that was resonating in my spirit this morning. Hope! Beautiful hope! How powerful and pure is that inner belief in what’s not fully attained yet still approaching. Faith is meaningless without hope. Life is nothing without hope. One breath is pointless without hope for the next. Who perseveres if they do not hope for something? According to scripture we have hope of grace, of glory, of our calling, of unfailing love, of promises, of joy and peace, of eternal life, of justice, of resurrection.

“Having hope will give you courage. You will be protected and will rest in safety. You will lie down unafraid, and many will look to you for help.” – Job 11:18-19 [New Living Translation]

I want to encourage you today, focus on the beauty of hope and develop your language of hope! Reflect and meditate on the things of God in which you hope, and allow hope to infect and transform your communication. Speak words of hope, sing songs of hope, write poetry of hope.

Ever hopeful,

Matt Neese

The God Who Cares Youtube Graphic.001

Click on the image above to watch the message. This week’s words of encouragement are, “God cares for you!” During the time of social distancing, Wellspring is meeting on Zoom. We have a message, worship, and then a time of interaction and sharing. The video above is a barebones living room recording, and ministry and interaction time are not included.

Building Blocks 6 - Resurrection slides.001

In part six of Building Blocks, we’re tackling our fifth basic foundational belief, resurrection. In this present life, each of our bodies is no more than a seed. Death is one phase of our lives to be followed by another body that is unimaginably, supernaturally perfect. This is resurrection. But before we can talk about resurrection, we need to have a firm Biblical understanding of death and the afterlife. The first half of this lesson discusses death and afterlife, then the second half focuses on resurrection. Join us as we dive into this exciting and incredibly important elementary principle of Christ. Click on the image above to watch the lesson.

daily reading.001

  • 4/29 Numbers 3, Psalms 120, I Kings 16, Luke 22:1-30
  • 4/30 Numbers 4, Psalms 121, I Kings 17, Luke 22:31-53
  • 5/1 Numbers 5, Psalms 122, I Kings 18, Luke 22:54-71
  • 5/2 Numbers 6, Psalms 123, I Kings 19, Luke 23:1-26
  • 5/3 Numbers 7, Psalms 124, I Kings 20, Luke 23:27-38
  • 5/4 Numbers 8, Psalms 125, I Kings 21, Luke 23:39-56
  • 5/5 Numbers 9, Psalms 126, I Kings 22, Luke 24:1-35
  • 5/6 Numbers 10, Psalms 127, II Kings 1, Luke 24:36-53

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