May 6, 2020


“What is God saying?”

We as a community often ask each other this question. We strongly believe that God is speaking and that He really enjoys revealing to His children what He’s up to… If they’re interested in hearing.

God conceals the revelation of his word in the hiding place of his glory. But the honor of kings is revealed by how they thoroughly search out the deeper meaning of all God says. – Proverbs 25:2 [The Passion Translation]

As children of God, you and I are kings and priests. We are royal children under Father God and High-Priest-King Jesus. Our honor is revealed by how highly we value God’s word and how expectantly and zealously we search for His ways. And as a family we get to do this together.

This kind of culture can be very dangerous and scary for some, because there lies the possibility that we may hear different things. But with that possibility comes the opportunity to build even greater intimacy and unity. Most often our hearing agrees, at least in our experience in Wellspring. If and when we don’t agree, we respond by submission to God and mutual submission to and honor of one another, then we get back into a listening position. This only works because we’re all seeking God, we’re all listening, we’re all willing to share, and we’re trusting the Holy Spirit and one another. Our meetings are pool parties saturated in grace, they are lab classes in which participation is encouraged, and they are safe places to lovingly challenge ourselves and one another. There is room to make mistakes because we’re all committed to growing as children of our loving Father God and as a spiritual family.

Well, my brothers and sisters, let’s summarize. When you meet together, one will sing, another teach, another will tell some special revelation God has given, one will speak in tongues, and another will interpret what is said. But everything that is done must strengthen all of you. – 1 Corinthians 14:26 [New Living Translation]

In Paul’s letter to the church in Corinth, he continues by saying that two or three could do this or that. The important thing is not as much how many people do each thing listed, as it is that all things build up and honor the Father and the members of His spiritual family. In verse 33, Paul says, “For God is not a God of disorder but of peace, as in all the meetings of God’s Holy people.” If edification, peace, and unity are not high values shared among the people, a 1 Corinthians 14:26 meeting is impossible.

Have you ever asked another believer what God is saying, only to be surprised that they’d never been asked that question before? Perhaps they looked at you like you were weird and then responded with a prepared statement from their leaders. I don’t think any church leader sets out to create his or her own follower robots… I mean, I don’t want to believe that a pastor would intentionally do that. I hope that every pastor has the main goal of making followers of Jesus. The number one priority of my role as a church leader is modeling, teaching, and empowering intimacy with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. An essential part of developing intimacy is continual interaction and conversation. Because the words of God’s mouth are so highly valued, the most asked question among His children should be, “What is God saying?” Through faith in Jesus Christ, we reside continually in the presence of our Father God; and in the family room, all ears are attentive to the Father’s voice.

What is God saying?

Matt Neese

daily reading.001

  • 5/6 Numbers 10, Psalms 127, II Kings 1, Luke 24:36-53
  • 5/7 Numbers 11, Psalms 128, II Kings 2, John 1:1-28
  • 5/8 Numbers 12, Psalms 129, II Kings 3, John 1:29-51
  • 5/9 Numbers 13, Psalms 130, II Kings 4, John 2
  • 5/10 Numbers 14, Psalms 131, II Kings 5, John 3:1-21
  • 5/11 Numbers 15, Psalms 132, II Kings 6, John 3:22-36
  • 5/12 Numbers 16, Psalms 133, II Kings 7, John 4:1-30
  • 5/13 Numbers 17, Psalms 134, II Kings 8, John 4:31-54

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