April 22, 2020


A Bunch of Hopeful Weirdos

This past Sunday nearly everyone from Wellspring logged into Zoom for a massive video conference. We took turns, allowing each household to briefly share how they’re doing and how they are experiencing God. I was SO encouraged as each person that spoke shared profound revelation and an incredible level of joy and hope. Every single person is more than just surviving. They’re growing! I’m virtually surrounded by a bunch of hopeful weirdos! And I LOVE IT!!!

As the world continues to spread fear and division, those that are pressing into God are experiencing a surge of grace. It really proves once again that all of life is not determined and defined by our circumstances, conditions, or crises. Your life is defined by Who you trust. Who do you believe cares for you?

“They do not fear bad news; they confidently trust the LORD to care for them.” – Psalms 112:7

Wellspring encourages me by their active, authentic trust in the loving care of their Father. Their trust is producing spiritual fruit that is completely opposite of the bitter, poisonous fruit of the spirit of this world. Keep at it Wellspring! Keep loving and trusting! Keep growing!

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


daily reading.001

  • 4/22 Leviticus 23, Psalms 113, I Kings 9, Luke 18:18-43
  • 4/23 Leviticus 24, Psalms 114, I Kings 10, Luke 19:1-28
  • 4/24 Leviticus 25, Psalms 115, I Kings 11, Luke 19:29-48
  • 4/25 Leviticus 26, Psalms 116, I Kings 12, Luke 20:1-26
  • 4/26 Leviticus 27, Psalms 117, I Kings 13, Luke 20:27-47
  • 4/27 Numbers 1, Psalms 118, I Kings 14, Luke 21:1-19
  • 4/28 Numbers 2, Psalms 119, I Kings 15, Luke 21:20-38
  • 4/29 Numbers 3, Psalms 120, I Kings 16, Luke 22:1-30

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