February 12, 2020


We have had a lot going on the past few weeks, so this coming Sunday we’re going to have story time. Most importantly we’ll hear from Jill and Ben Nothrop about their ministry in Mexico. Along with a couple of our spiritual mentors, Monte and Hugh Bromiley (founders of Beth Shalom Ministries), Wellspring sent Ben and Jill to train church leaders in healing and freedom ministry. I’ve already heard some of their miraculous God stories, and trust me you will not want to miss this.

If we have time, I’m also hoping to hear a few testimonies from the men about our snow trip this past weekend. This may have been our best trip so far. All of the men pushed themselves a little harder and went a little further than they ever had before. I personally had many amazing runs through unexplored forest areas. I was surrounded by the beauty and quiet of God’s creation with only my spiritual brothers around me, and I experienced snowboarding achievements that I honestly only dreamed of doing. Other guys climbed the highest peaks, carrying their equipment with them — again, doing things they never imagined! It’s incredible how much further each of us can go when we’re part of a culture of encouragement.

I’d also like to hear some testimonies from our women about their time together. I’ve heard good things from my wife, Sako, and I can’t wait to hear more. In our stories, we celebrate our God and our community. We celebrate life as it was meant to be, in a community around the loving presence and power of our faithful Creator.

Daily Reading
2/12 Gen 43, Psa 43, Jud 19, Matt 26:55-75
2/13 Gen 44, Psa 44, Jud 20, Matt 27:1-31
2/14 Gen 45, Psa 45, Jud 21, Matt 27:32-66
2/15 Gen 46, Psa 46, Ruth 1, Matt 28:1-20
2/16 Gen 47, Psa 47, Ruth 2, Mark 1:1-22
2/17 Gen 48, Psa 48, Ruth 3, Mark 1:23-45
2/18 Gen 49, Psa 49, Ruth 4, Mark 2
2/19 Gen 50, Psa 50, I Sam 1, Mark 3:1-21

My refections on the daily reading are available each morning on our Facebook page. I’m always happy to hear your thoughts and responses, so please don’t hesitate to text me, email me or comment on the Facebook post.

May God fill you completely with joy and peace!

Matt Neese

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