February 19, 2020

Fellowship Photos.001

This past Sunday Ben and Jill Nothrop shared about their ministry in Mexico. Men and women were set free from generations of bondage and families were healed. They left an indelible foot print of the Kingdom of God and have forever changed the spiritual landscape of the town in which they ministered.

I believe through their stories and through the other recent testimonies in Wellspring, God is calling us out of our comfort zone and into new thrilling adventures with Him. It’s so exciting being part of a bold, courageous, carefree, and risk-taking spiritual family! One of the fun things is that none of us came in the door like this, but step by step we’re becoming. We’re joyfully embracing challenges together to go deeper and grow. This is just the tiniest glimpse of what eternity will look like with our fun-loving Father God and all of our vivacious siblings.

This Sunday we’re celebrating communion with our monthly potluck. The theme is soup, so, we’ll be breaking bread and dipping it in soup together. If you haven’t received the sign-up email, please let me know. I can’t wait to hang out and have more kingdom family time!

Daily Reading
2/19 – Gen 50, Psa 50, I Sam1, Mark 3:1-21
2/20 – Ex 1, Psa 51, I Sam 2, Mark 3:22-35
2/21 – Ex 2, Psa 52, I Sam 3, Mark 4:1-20
2/22 – Ex 3, Psa 53, I Sam 4, Mark 4:21-41
2/23 – Ex 4, Psa 54, I Sam 5, Mark 5:1-20
2/24 – Ex 5, Psa 55, I Sam 6, Mark 5:21-43
2/25 – Ex 6, Psa 56, I Sam 7, Mark 6:1-32
2/26 – Ex 7, Psa 57, I Sam 8, Mark 6:33-56

My refections on the daily reading are available each morning on our Facebook page. I’m always happy to hear your thoughts and responses, so please don’t hesitate to text me, email me or comment on the Facebook post.

May God fill you completely with joy and peace!

Matt Neese

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