August 28, 2019

“Are we waiting the Lord’s coming as a piece of doctrinal correctness, as an inevitable historical necessity, as something that will be for us an escape from a tribulation that we do not want to bear? Or is He someone who is coming to give us the reward appropriate to our service and sacrifice? It makes a great deal of difference, because it determines and influences how we live now.” – Arthur Katz, Apostolic Foundations

Hebrews 6 includes resurrection and judgement as two of the six most basic, elementary building blocks of our Christian faith.  These are the themes of what the Bible refers to repeatedly as “The End”. In our previous lesson and then in the coming lesson, my goal is to give a basic, clear, systematic understanding of resurrection and judgement.

According to 1 Corinthians 15:23-26 and Revelation 20:1-7, Jesus will come back and raise His people, then He will reign with the assistance of His people on earth for 1000 years humbling all of His enemies. Finally He’ll destroy His enemies including Death, and hand the Kingdom to God the Father. In the first part of “And then the End”, we took these basic points of order and incorporated what we refer to as the three seats of judgement:

The Order of the End
Step #1: Christ the First Fruits
Step #2: The Age of the Church
Step #3: The Return of Christ
Step #4: The First Resurrection
Step #5: The Judgement Seat of Christ
Step #6: The Throne of Christ’s Glory
Step #7: 1000 Year Reign of the King
Step #8: The Second Resurrection
Step #9: The Great White Throne
Step #10: The End & the New Beginning

In our previous lesson we made it to Step #5. If you missed it or you’d like to hear it again, it’s available on our YouTube page. This coming Sunday our plan is to finish the remaining five steps, laying for each one of us the necessary foundational understanding for our Christian faith and eternal perspective. Join us! We always enjoy the presence of God and one another, and we grow together in the process.

May God fill you completely with joy and peace!

Matt Neese

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