August 21, 2019

It’s time to celebrate Jesus and His church with a little fiesta food! The end of every month we gather as a spiritual family and celebrate what Jesus has provided for us by receiving communion together. Then we celebrate the community He birthed by having a meal together. This month the potluck theme is Mexican food. If you’d like to join us but didn’t receive the signup email, please let me know. Everyone is welcome!

This week as you’re dicing your tomatoes, stirring your queso, or rolling your enchiladas, meditate on what God has been doing in your life. This past Sunday we worshipped together in thankfulness for who God is and all He’s done in our lives, and I’d like to carry that thankfulness into our time together this next Sunday. For some of us we’re in “go mode” with schools starting back up and work expecting an unreasonable 100% of 100% of your life…




And then prep your tacos and get ready to be refreshed and encouraged with your spiritual family.

May God fill you completely with joy and peace!

Matt Neese

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