September 21, 2022

When He utters His voice, there is a tumult of waters in the heavens, and He makes the mist rise from the ends of the earth. He makes lightning for the rain, and He brings forth the wind from His storehouses.

Jeremiah 10:13 ESV

In Jeremiah 10:13, the word “tumult” is the sound of a roaring crowd. “Mist” actually means princes, rulers, and lifted up ones. “Lightening” literally means “a flashing sword”. Also, the word “wind” is the Hebrew word “ruach” which is also the Spirit that hovered over the earth at creation and is the breath of life.

The sound of the Lord’s voice releases a roar like a massive crowd, like a tremendous waterfall in the heavens. He causes to rise like a mist the princes (the promoted ones) from the extremities of the earth. He bears lightening like a flashing sword and pours out rain. And He brings forth the Wind of the Spirit from His storehouses.

As I meditated on this, the Spirit of the Lord spoke to me:

“My voice will become the roar of a great waterfall, shaking heaven and earth. Like the thick mist rises from the water, I will cause my Kingdom agents to rise up from the awesome outpouring of My Living Water. I am releasing devastating flashes of truth. I am releasing fresh rain of restoration and renewal. I am opening the storehouse of heaven and bringing forth the mighty, rushing wind of My Spirit.”

Will you receive this with me? Does this resonate with your faith? Can you believe with me that the Lord is roaring and shaking and pouring and releasing and opening and bringing forth? Are we moving from a summer of fire to a water fall?

Reminder, we’re not meeting until Saturday, October 8th. That Saturday we’re going to gather in our various volunteer teams to talk about details and afterward we’ll receive communion and worship together. Then we’ll have another break until our official start of Wellspring Live on October 22. As of the 22nd, we will once again have children’s ministry, and we will physically gather each Saturday night to worship, teach, and minister in the family room of Father God and to celebrate the Good News — through faith in Jesus Christ we are restored to our divinely designed intimacy, identity, and influence.

Join us from 5pm to 7pm on Saturday, October 8th, and become part of the team:
Freedom Place
4111 Main Street
Rowlett, TX 75088

Let’s rise together!

Matt Neese


  • 09/21, 6:30pm — 512 Youth –
  • 09/21, 7pm — Prayer –
  • 09/23-24 — Christians Engaged –
  • 09/24 — NO MEETING
  • 09/26 — Women’s MORE on Monday –
  • 09/28, 7pm — Prayer –
  • 10/01 — NO MEETING
  • 10/02, 6pm — Freedom Night

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