July 6, 2022


Debbie Countryman, leader of Wellspring Intercessors, kicked off our month of Wellspring’s “Women on Fire”. Before she spoke, the worship team, the prayer team, and the board all prayed for her, and Luna, my daughter, prayed that she would be a “fire-starter”. Debbie said she could feel the heat of Holy Spirit come over her. Then she preached on the importance of repentance and getting properly aligned with the Kingdom of Heaven. Watch the video by clicking on the image or HERE. Debbie will challenge and inspire you to move into the deeper things of God.

As Kingdom agents, we are designed and commissioned to bring Heaven to Earth. It’s time to get serious about our faith and our lifestyles and to passionately pursue the Word and the Ways of God. It’s time to allow Holy Spirit to activate a fire in US, and the fire starts with repentance and realignment.

Next Sunday, Luna will be preaching. When she’s not at work (professionally she is a teacher), she’s been marching around the house worshiping and preaching at the air for the past two weeks. She’s getting more fired up every day and the Lord is making her message more and more clear. I’m really excited to hear her.

Our line-up for July is:

  • 07/17 – Melody Cook
  • 07/24 – Sally Pearson
  • 07/31 – Stephanie Armstrong

Each week we’re getting more and more emboldened, empowered, and impassioned by Holy Spirit and we’re not even halfway through the Summer of Fire. Activate your faith and come hang out with us. We’re starting to see miraculous healings among us. We’re seeing new breakthroughs. We’re sensing an increase of God’s tangible presence in our sweet times of worship. Holy increase, holy increase, holy increase!

Allow me to share just one testimony about God’s supernatural intervention. Last Wednesday we prayed for a person who was diagnosed with a severe heart condition. The doctors had just told her that it looked so bad that if she had any discomfort or concerns, she needed to call an ambulance immediately. When we prayed for her she felt hot energy fill her body from head to toe. I wish you could have seen the smile on her face. I told her to go see the doctor and get a report. Friday she had an appointment and she was told that her heart looked “great”. The technicians were so surprised that they kept repeating themselves. Her heart looked great! Come on, Jesus!

Right now our youth are at Youth for the Nations, and I’m anticipating that they’ll be returning saturated with Holy Spirit. Sunday, July 17th, Restore Ministry is hosting a worship and prayer night, and again, I’m anticipating and expecting to experience Heaven among us. I am full of anticipation for what God is doing!

I’ve been saying this since summer started, and I’ll say it again: as the world calls for fear and control, the Spirit of God is bringing a match to the party, and He is fully intending to light things up. Are you leaning in? Are you preparing yourself? Are you positioning yourself?

Holy fire come!

Matt Neese


  • 07/06 — Prophetic Group, 7pm – Stephanie sarm1220@gmail.com
  • 07/13 — Prophetic Group, 7pm – Stephanie sarm1220@gmail.com
  • 07/17 — Restore Worship Night, 7pm – Carolyn carolynjbarry@gmail.com
  • 07/20 — 512 Youth, 7pm – Sally sally@512youth.com

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