October 20, 2021

Then the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not abide in man forever, for he is flesh: his days shall be 120 years.” — Genesis 6:3

Things had come to a point in the earth that God set a timer. In 120 years, the flood would come. God doesn’t give exact timers very often, but when He does He’s pretty serious. A worldwide event would take place in 120 years that would change everything. He determined to wipe the corruption from the earth.

But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD. — Genesis 6:8

Sometime after God set a timer, He spoke to the one man who lived to please Him, Noah. We’re not exactly sure when God spoke to Noah, but if we look at his children and their ages and the fact that they were married when God told Noah to build the ark, we can estimate that God gave Noah a window of 50 to 75 years to build a massive cruise ship in the middle of a field. When God spoke to Noah, the world’s timer was around halfway done.

Noah was 600 when the flood came and then he lived another 350 years, so half a century wasn’t that long. 50 years to Noah was like 5 years to a person who lives to be 95. If the Lord told me to do something and gave me 50 years to get ready, I would have to think about my children and grandchildren. I’m turning fifty soon, so I may not be here in 50 years. My daughter will be 70 and my son will be 67, so they’ll probably be a grandparents. My wife will be here for sure because the women in her family live F-O-R-E-V-E-R.

What would you do if God spoke to you today and told you He is going to do something huge and world-changing in 50 years? How would you take that time seriously? How would it change your entire life and perspective? You would have to build a cross-generational plan, wouldn’t you? You would need to prepare your next generation to raise up their next generation. You would have to create a culture around a half-century deadline. And I think the time would go by very quickly.

Last week I had a dream in which an angel walked with me in Jerusalem. He spoke three things to me and, after much praying and seeking God, I want to submit those things to the church. One of the things in the dream included a time. I’m taking this very seriously because I’m usually wary of prophetic words that have attached dates and times. But in this case I believe the Lord is giving us a window for a cross-generational movement.

The next few days contemplate what you would do if the Lord spoke to you like He did Noah. It’s not scary but a sign of His great favor. Then come Sunday and hear the details of my Jerusalem dream, my interpretation, and let’s prayerfully begin forming a plan. What exciting times we live in!

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


One of the reasons that Paul wrote his second letter to the Thessalonian church was because rumors were going around that the rapture had already taken place and that Jesus had already come back. He encourages everyone to calm down and remember the scripture and the teaching that they had already received. Sometime previously Paul had taught them about the return of Christ and that it would not happen until the “man of lawlessness” (the antichrist) is revealed, and the antichrist (though already in operation) would be prevented from fully coming into power until the one holding him back is removed. When that “one” is removed, the antichrist will come in great demonic power to deceive those who are perishing.

For those who believe a pre-tribulation rapture, this chapter holds some key concepts. In 2 Thessalonians 2:3, the word “rebellion” is the Greek word “apostasia” which literally means leave or depart. Therefore the antichrist cannot be revealed until there is a great departure. The one holding back the antichrist from rising to power is in fact the Body of Christ, the Church. The Church must depart from the earth and join Jesus in the Marriage Supper in Heaven. In their absence, the antichrist will reveal himself and rule those who have rejected salvation through Jesus (the perishing). With supernatural demonic power, the antichrist will deceive all of the nations into worshipping him, and then Jesus will appear and kill him with the breath of his mouth. So there is a departure, followed by the full manifestation of the antichrist to the perishing, followed by the return of Christ who destroys the antichrist.

In this letter, Paul is encouraging believers to remain steadfast in the Word and in the teaching they’ve received. Today we must continue basing our worldview on scripture, or we’ll be distracted and deceived. Jesus is coming soon, and until then we are in the season of beautifying the Bride. How do we intentionally participate in building an incredible, cross-generational Church that is prepared for Jesus to receive to Himself? What is your role and how will you prepare the next generation for their role?

daily reading.001
  • 10/20 Hosea 8, Psalm 143, Jeremiah 44, II Thessalonians 2
  • 10/21 Hosea 9, Psalm 144, Jeremiah 45, II Thessalonians 3
  • 10/22 Hosea 10, Psalm 145, Jeremiah 46, I Timothy 1
  • 10/23 Hosea 11, Psalm 146, Jeremiah 47, I Timothy 2
  • 10/24 Hosea 12, Psalm 147, Jeremiah 48, I Timothy 3
  • 10/25 Hosea 13, Psalm 148, Jeremiah 49, I Timothy 4
  • 10/26 Hosea 14, Psalm 149, Jeremiah 50, I Timothy 5
  • 10/27 Joel 1, Psalm 150, Jeremiah 51, I Timothy 6

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