August 18, 2021

This past Sunday we finished our “three-i” series with “Influence: What were you made to do?” In the series we talked about intimacy, identity, and influence, the three important “I” words that make up Wellspring. Next I’ll be bringing these lessons together into a small booklet we’ll have available for people who are interested in finding out more about Wellspring and praying about whether to join our spiritual family. I finished the first draft yesterday, so you can be praying for me.

We’ve had a consistent rotation at Wellspring of teaching one Sunday then breaking into Lab Groups to discuss and apply the teaching on the following Sunday. I’m a firm believer of the necessity of interaction. In order for most of us to learn, we must process and practice. Our Lab Groups were the best way that we came up with to make this happen. Over the past few years since we officially started Wellspring, we’ve watched these interactive methods produce much fruit in the lives of all of us. I can honestly say that every single person who has partnered with us has grown in tangible, visible ways. The fruit is evident. But I also know that the fruit isn’t just because of the Lab Groups. We emphasize freedom and we have an effective and growing freedom ministry. We emphasize encouragement and we have an effective and growing prophetic ministry. And we emphasize growth, and this has been happening through our shared hunger, faith and participation. Lab Groups have been a tool for growth.

Now you can join me, Sako, Ben, and Jill in praying through what’s next. We all feel movement in the Spirit and we’re seeking God to discover what to hold onto and what to release in order to continue growing our spiritual family. When I say “growing” we’re talking about increasing our authentic relationships with God and one another, increasing the spiritual maturity of every member and our ability to influence the world around us, and we’re talking about multiplying our Wellspring family members. This week I’m fasting and pressing into God for fresh immersion in His Holy Spirit, for me and for everyone in Wellspring. This past Sunday we experienced the first fruits as a few people came forward and were completely overcome by the Spirit. Praise God! That was awesome! And it was just the beginning. Let’s prayerfully build our faith and expectation for more because we need every bit of His empowerment and love in order to continue building the family room with our Father — building intimacy, identity, and influence in a culture of freedom, encouragement, and growth.

Sunday, August 22nd, we will not have Lab Groups. We will instead hear testimonies from five of our young adults (Luna, Israel, Nate, Elijah, and Ella) who recently went on a freedom retreat with the founders of Beth Shalom Ministries, Monte and Hugh Bromiley. We will also hear about Israel’s mission trip, Luna’s worship school, and about what Ella and Elijah will be doing very soon in California. Get your joy ready and join us on Sunday with an expectation of being refreshed with your spiritual Father and siblings. We’re going to have fun together!

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


Come with joy and be refreshed in community. What you come with will affect what you experience. Whenever we gather with others, we bring something and add it to the atmosphere. Community is like a stew and each person comes with something to add to the stew. If I am not feeling refreshed when I gather with my spiritual family, the first question I should ask myself is, “What am I coming with?”

Paul intended to deliver a financial gift from the churches in Greece to the church in Jerusalem, then visit the church in Rome, and then go on a missionary journey to Spain. This was Paul’s plan and he hoped it lined up with God’s plan, but he also knew very well that each of us only sees in part. He got the Rome part right, but he would arrive as a prisoner and would not continue on to Spain. Regardless of how things worked out, Paul was zealously seeking the will of God, he was anticipating seeing his spiritual family in Rome, and he knew that in their meeting he would bring joy and the church would be a place of refreshing.

Even though Paul finally arrived in Rome in chains, he still brought joy and was refreshed by the church because he sought and trusted the will of God and was so full of love for the church. He loved the people, he brought joy to the meeting, and a refreshing atmosphere prevailed. Do you need to be refreshed? What are you coming with? If you need refreshing, come with joy to your church. If you need joy, return to your first love of God and your spiritual family. Stir up your love, gather your joy, and be refreshed in community.

daily reading.001
  • 8/18 Ecclesiastes 1, Psalm 80, Nehemiah 4, Romans 15:21-33
  • 8/19 Ecclesiastes 2, Psalm 81, Nehemiah 5, Romans 16
  • 8/20 Ecclesiastes 3, Psalm 82, Nehemiah 6, I Corinthians 1
  • 8/21 Ecclesiastes 4, Psalm 83, Nehemiah 7, I Corinthians 2
  • 8/22 Ecclesiastes 5, Psalm 84, Nehemiah 8, I Corinthians 3
  • 8/23 Ecclesiastes 6, Psalm 85, Nehemiah 9, I Corinthians 4
  • 8/24 Ecclesiastes 7, Psalm 86, Nehemiah 10, I Corinthians 5
  • 8/25 Ecclesiastes 8, Psalm 87, Nehemiah 11, I Corinthians 6

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