August 11, 2021

Do you believe that you were actually made to do something? Most people would answer “Yes,” but then meander through life looking forward to some vague retirement home in heaven. This is because most “Christians” are barely infants in their spiritual maturity. Hebrews 5 and 6 charge us to learn the basics principles of the Kingdom so that we can stop being babies and move on to mature living. One of those very basic principles is the fundamental fact of resurrection of the dead. Our future hope through Jesus is that we will be resurrected into perfect bodies and will steward creation with Christ. This present flesh is the training and preparation for eternity, and the time that we have in this life is best spent practicing what we were designed to do forever. So what were you designed to do?

The past three months we’ve been focusing on three key ideas of an immersive church:

  • Intimacy — Who do I belong to?
  • Identity — Who am I?
  • Influence — What was I made to do?

All of these questions are design questions. Who designed me? What is my design? What am I designed to do? And they all point us toward the Designer. Join us on Sunday as we focus on this final question and form together a greater understanding of our Designer and His design for us. How we answer this question of “Designed Influence” is critical to our daily lives and our eternal future.

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


There is no preference or favoritism from God towards His children. Even with Jesus Christ, you and I are considered co-heirs. How incredible is that?! Also, Kingdom resources are unlimited. The Lord “has enough treasures to lavish generously upon ALL who call on Him”; therefore, those who put their trust in the Lord “will never be disappointed.”

The Kingdom of God is void of poverty and disappointment, and Jesus called us to believe and intercede for God’s will to be done and His Kingdom to come on earth just like it is in heaven. We, as agents of God, continually seek the Lord in order to bring our worldview and belief system into complete submission and alignment to Him. We seek and believe for His will and rule above all else.

“Why do I have lack and disappointment?” There are a variety of reasons why we experience shortage and unmet expectations in this fallen world, but our first response should always be praise of God and evaluation of ourselves. We praise the Lord in all things, and praise adjusts alignment; and then we invite the Holy Spirit to reveal any areas in our heart, thinking, and lifestyle that may be misleading or distracting us from seeking first the Kingdom of God. The word “disappointment” means that something was not found to be established and determined as expected — what we think is absolute is in fact uncertain. Disappointment is a flag that our faith was not truly engaged in our absolute God as much as an uncertain expectation. We miss it; God doesn’t. Disappointment is a sign that it’s time to realign.

daily reading.001
  • 8/11 Job 36, Psalm 73, Ezra 7, Romans 10
  • 8/12 Job 37, Psalm 74, Ezra 8, Romans 11:1-21
  • 8/13 Job 38, Psalm 75, Ezra 9, Romans 11:22-36
  • 8/14 Job 39, Psalm 76, Ezra 10, Romans 12
  • 8/15 Job 40, Psalm 77, Nehemiah 1, Romans 13
  • 8/16 Job 41, Psalm 78, Nehemiah 2, Romans 14
  • 8/17 Job 42, Psalm 79, Nehemiah 3, Romans 15:1-20
  • 8/18 Ecclesiastes 1, Psalm 80, Nehemiah 4, Romans 15:21-33

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