June 30, 2021

In celebrating Independence Day, we celebrate the birth of a nation whose original identity was formed by a people pursuing intimacy with God. Two years ago I shared a message titled “The Order: The Spirit of a Nation” in which I shared the actual documented history of the formation of our government from beliefs and convictions that were sweeping the land. There was an incredible movement of Jesus that we refer to as the Great Awakening and it was dramatically changing entire cities and regions in the English colonies in America. This incredible Christian revival of 1726 defined what would take place in 1776. It was this spiritual awakening that conceived our Declaration of Independence, our constitution, the branches of our government, and the anti-slavery movement that runs through every founding document and was shared by nearly every one of our founding fathers. Dr. Eddie Hyatt’s book “1726: The Year that Defined America” is an incredible resource for those who would like to learn more about the historical truth that is being smudged and erased in the United States of America.

“When a nation goes down, or a society perishes, one condition may always be found; they forgot where they came from. They lost sight of what had brought them along.” – Carl Sandburg

This quote from Carl Sandburg is repeatedly demonstrated through the Biblical history of Israel. They forgot Who blessed them and they wandered away from the One who prospered them. This is inevitably a path to eventual destruction if left unchecked. And this is also the intention of the one who sets out to kill, steal, and destroy. Satan uses the same plan over and over again in history: rewrite and then re-identify. Steal a person’s affections from their loving Creator, kill any memory of their true identity, and destroy their ability to rightly influence the world.

In June we focused on Intimacy and this weekend we’ll make the transition to Identity. We’re going to use our nation as an example of how a person and a people group’s right identity is formed from right intimacy. And we’ll also look at how we must maintain that right intimacy or we’ll lose sight of our true identity. Join us on Sunday!

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


The word “voice” in Hebrew literally meant “sound”. It was also used for the sound of chariots, thunder, fire, and even the chirping of birds. The “sound of the Lord your God” in the Old Testament is equivalent to the Greek word “rhema” in the New Testament. This is the spoken word. Seek the living, present voice of the Lord, listening in order to operate according to His spoken words.

As you seek His voice, you are seeking Him, and in His presence is blessing. Just as His presence will come upon you, catch you, and saturate you, so will His blessing permeate every aspect of your life. The blessing is the manifestation of His goodness. Just like when you sit by a campfire the smell of the fire gets into your skin, your hair, and your clothes, when you sit in the presence of the Lord His goodness gets into every pore of your being and impacts every aspect of your life.

I am in awe of the Lord’s blessing upon my life. I am blessed not because of my goodness but because I endeavor to remain in His goodness and listen for the sound of His voice. I see His goodness strengthening my body, healing my mind, will, and emotions, and growing my spirit. I see His goodness upon my household, my wife, and my children. I believe for His goodness to be visible upon my children and my grandchildren, and I pray continually that all of the generations that come from my wife and me would know the sound of God’s voice and would be zealous for the blessing of His presence.

daily reading.001
  • 6/30 Deuteronomy 28, Psalm 31, II Chronicles 1, Acts 9:1-22
  • 7/01 Deuteronomy 29, Psalm 32, II Chronicles 2, Acts 9:23-43
  • 7/02 Deuteronomy 30, Psalm 33, II Chronicles 3, Acts 10:1-23
  • 7/03 Deuteronomy 31, Psalm 34, II Chronicles 4, Acts 10:24-48
  • 7/04 Deuteronomy 32, Psalm 35, II Chronicles 5, Acts 11
  • 7/05 Deuteronomy 33, Psalm 36, II Chronicles 6, Acts 12
  • 7/06 Deuteronomy 34, Psalm 37, II Chronicles 7, Acts 13:1-23
  • 7/07 Job 1, Psalm 38, II Chronicles 8, Acts 13:24-52

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