June 23, 2021

When you have people in your life that are committed to pursuing growth and freedom in Jesus, you can’t help but discover joy along the way. This past Sunday we interviewed four of our Wellspring dads [you can watch the message by clicking on the image above], and they shared nugget after nugget of valuable revelation and wisdom. One of my greatest take-aways from our time together was not as much the topics we talked about but the incredible joy they had in the relationships they’d developed with one another while in Wellspring. I’ve watched these men (and all of our Wellspring men and women) grow and produce visible tangible fruit in their lives, and it all began when they committed to going deeper with one another and their heavenly Father. Each of them is in a radically different place in life than they were when they joined this spiritual family. Even though we’ve gone through one of the most challenging times in modern history due to politics, social upheaval, and just mass hysteria, these guys have continued to grow deeper roots and greater fruit… and their fruit is juicy with joy.

Today I’m writing this weekly email later than usual because I just returned home from a memorial service. We gathered with a crowd of people to celebrate the life of Dr. Rob Carman who recently passed away. It was an incredible time of laughter and applause for he and is wife, Ginger, who lived 110% on fire for Jesus and impacted multitudes around the world with their passionate and powerful presentation of the good news of Jesus. Rob and Ginger Carman encouraged and mentored Sako and I when we were first processing God’s call to start Wellspring. They imparted a gift of faith to us that only continues to grow. Rob is now with Father and the cloud of cheering witnesses in heaven, but his ministry continues here in every relationship he made as we each carry on the joy of knowing him. We carry and we impart that same Holy Spirit joy and faith.

Sunday, June 27th, we’re going to wrap-up our month long focus on “Intimacy”. Usually we would break into Lab Groups to discuss and practice what we learned together, but this weekend we’ll be doing something just a little different. A large portion of our people will be away for vacations and activities, so instead of groups we’re going to have one big group conversation. Nearly all of our worship team will be absent, so we’re not setting up any of our normal sound system and we’re not planning to have worship music, but we’re going to worship the Lord through our Spirit-led interaction. So bring any questions you have from what we’ve experienced and learned about intimacy. Bring your testimonies of how our time has impacted and changed your life. Bring your expectant faith that God is going to reveal new things and we’re all going to grow together. And as always, come ready to have fun and experience the joy of intimacy!

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


What did the followers of Jesus do when they were commanded to be silent? What did they do when they were punished for sharing the truth? What did they do when they were publicly ridiculed and beaten by the controlling religious/political leaders? They said, “We must be doing something right!” They rejoiced and picked up their pace.

Guess what, Church… It’s time to pick up the pace! Strip off the mask and preach the Good News of Jesus. Instead of fewer meetings, it’s time for more meetings. When the controlling religious/political leaders command you to isolate yourself, it’s time to go house to house. We must be doing something right!

When the “quarantines” first hit and businesses and churches shut down all over the world, the church leaders prayed intensely for clear guidance and boldness. We had no precedent to look to. None of our living mentors had experienced anything like this in the United States. Every single believer was challenged to press into God for guidance and walk according to a greater level of faith.

In the midst of the world’s “shut up and shut down”, I had a dream in which the Lord clearly told me, “Stay on mission!” Our mission is developing intimacy, identity, and influence in and from Father God’s family room. We’re called by Jesus to immerse and train believers in Kingdom community and culture. So… we moved forward — meeting, fellowshipping, breaking bread, and preaching the Good News. We stayed on mission and continued walking in faith, growing, and producing fruit.

Now as we continue advancing, I believe the Lord is saying, “Let nothing stop you! Don’t let up! Increase and advance! There is a building momentum that will be exponentially increased by the wind of the Spirit. What feels like a light current gently nudging you from behind is going to increase into a powerful wave driving you up and forward. Just keep moving!”

daily reading.001
  • 6/23 Deuteronomy 21, Psalm 24, I Chronicles 23, Acts 5:17-42
  • 6/24 Deuteronomy 22, Psalm 25, I Chronicles 24, Acts 6
  • 6/25 Deuteronomy 23, Psalm 26, I Chronicles 25, Acts 7:1-19
  • 6/26 Deuteronomy 24, Psalm 27, I Chronicles 26, Acts 7:20-43
  • 6/27 Deuteronomy 25, Psalm 28, I Chronicles 27, Acts 7:44-60
  • 6/28 Deuteronomy 26, Psalm 29, I Chronicles 28, Acts 8:1-25
  • 6/29 Deuteronomy 27, Psalm 30, I Chronicles 29, Acts 8:26-40
  • 6/30 Deuteronomy 28, Psalm 31, II Chronicles 1, Acts 9:1-22

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