April 28, 2021

Do you labor or play a musical instrument? Do you labor or play a sport? Do you labor or play the things you enjoy in life? Do you labor or play when it comes to your relationship with God? Do you labor or play as a child of the Father? Do you labor or play in the river of Living Water?

Sunday we’re going to talk about a major decision that every “believer” is being called to make. This decision impacts our perspective and worldview and effects how we will move forward. God is doing something amazing right now, but it’s just the beginning. The wonder will increase and accelerate over the coming days. Are you ready to play?

Each week I include my Daily Word in this update. This morning God also gave me the word for tomorrow, and I believe they go together so I’m including both below. In order to play, you have to trust and you have to believe in Father’s goodness. When we’re secure, the fun begins. Read both messages and ask the Holy Spirit to begin building your anticipation for His goodness.

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


Who are you trusting? Are you trusting that a friend or family member is going to come to your rescue? Are you trusting the declarations of experts whose expert opinions and theories seem to change with ever increasing frequency? Are you hoping that a politician or someone famous is going to save you from injustice? Perhaps you’re trusting a “movement” or the next new, energetic organization to make your world better. Maybe you only trust yourself because you’ve realized everyone else will only disappoint you.

There is only one who saves. There is only one name above all names. There is only one way to salvation. There is only one path to true and full life. There is one Lord God who created all things and has all authority over all creation. There is one Father who has loved you before you were conceived and longs for you take His hand and come into His eternal intentions for you. The strong right hand of the Father is His Son Jesus Christ. Receive Jesus! Trust in Jesus and you will be saved!

Today, let’s pay extra attention to the direction and recipient of our trust. Let’s be intentional about turning from trusting anything or anyone more than the Lord God. Even turn from trusting yourself. Let’s ask the Lord for forgiveness for misplacing our trust and let’s commit ourselves to seeking Him and His way first and above all else. God can and will use people to bring His salvation and justice, but it is He alone who is worthy of our trust and our praise.


Asa sought to please God, like his forefather David had done, and brought many reformations to the nation of Judah in order to turn the people back to worshiping the Lord. King Baasha and the nation of Israel was adamantly anti-God. Since their founder, Jeroboam, had lead those in rebellion to separate from the heirs of King David and start their own kingdom, that group of people and the following generations zealously pursued foreign forms of worship, immorality, and perversion. Their chant for freedom and liberty was actually a cover for selfishness and rebellion. After the initial separation, Judah and Israel (who were once the same people under the same banner) were constantly at war with one another.

In 1 Kings 15, King Baasha of Israel was invading King Asa’s territory of Judah. He captured a city on the border then began a massive fortification project. King Asa made a deal with another nation who then harassed Israel, so Baasha had to turn his attention and move troops. In that window of opportunity, Asa ordered every single person in Judah to rush to the border, deconstruct Baasha’s fortress, and steal all of the building resources. They didn’t leave a single stone or plank of wood behind, but took it and used it all to reinforce Judah’s border defenses. What a major turn of events!

“As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.” — Genesis 50:20 ESV

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” — Romans 8:28 ESV

What King Baasha meant for evil actually made King Asa’s defenses stronger. An interesting side note here is that the name Asa means healer and the root of the name Baasha is offensiveness. In one quick turn, a wicked agenda was overturned and all of evil’s offensive resources were snatched away and repurposed to heal and strengthen the children of God.

Have you been harassed and intimidated by the enemy? Seek the heart of your Father God and trust His power and purpose to flip the tables. The enemy thinks he’s gathering resources to use against you, but he’s arrogantly deceived. God is working good. Be alert and ready for the call to dismantle enemy strongholds and repurpose resources. Do you believe God can and will turn the enemy’s plans to benefit you?

daily reading.001
  • 4/28 Numbers 1, Psalms 118, I Kings 14, Luke 21:1-19
  • 4/29 Numbers 2, Psalms 119, I Kings 15, Luke 21:20-38
  • 4/30 Numbers 3, Psalms 120, I Kings 16, Luke 22:1-30
  • 5/01 Numbers 4, Psalms 121, I Kings 17, Luke 22:31-53
  • 5/02 Numbers 5, Psalms 122, I Kings 18, Luke 22:54-71
  • 5/03 Numbers 6, Psalms 123, I Kings 19, Luke 23:1-26
  • 5/04 Numbers 7, Psalms 124, I Kings 20, Luke 23:27-38
  • 5/05 Numbers 8, Psalms 125, I Kings 21, Luke 23:39-56

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