April 21, 2021

Sunday we’re breaking into Labs Groups to discuss our lesson CONTAGIOUS [click on the title to watch the message if you weren’t with us on Sunday]. We’ll separate into smaller groups and discuss and apply what we learned. Before Sunday take some time to meditate on the following questions, and come ready to participate!

“Those troublemakers who have turned the world upside down have come here to our city.” – Acts 17:6

Every human being is infectious or contagious in some way. We all have an area of effect, for positive and negative. What we carry influences the atmosphere around us and is potentially transferred to other people. What are you carrying and transferring?

“…be filled continually with the Holy Spirit. And your hearts will overflow with a joyful song to the Lord. Keep speaking to each other with words of Scripture, singing the Psalms with praises and spontaneous songs given by the Spirit!” – Ephesians 5:18-19

Be filled continually and your hearts will overflow. Your life was designed to be like a jukebox, carrying and conveying music. If everything in your heart had a song title, what is a song that may need to be discarded from your playlist? What is a song that God wants to hear played more? What is a song that the world needs to hear coming from you?

Are you contagious or infectious? Are you influencing for good or being influenced by evil? Are you living a surrendered life so the Spirit can fill you up and overflow with the goodness of God? Or are you being fed by the world?

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


You can see the Lord’s grace and mercy in everything He does. He is constantly acting on behalf of those who have faith (loving trust) in Him. And in the big picture, He is moving and positioning in order to accomplish every promise, working all things for the good of those who love Him.

In this world that has been corrupted by sin, the Lord’s grace and mercy is still evident. The enemy’s plan is always steal, kill, and destroy; yet God’s grace makes the sun rise and set, waters the earth, grows the harvest… In His mercy, we breath and live and contemplate creation. In His grace, we have conviction and the opportunity to turn from sin and toward Him. In His mercy, Jesus died for our sin so that in trusting Him, we receive complete and total forgiveness. In His grace, Jesus rose from the dead, ascended to the throne of Heaven, and empowered us with His Holy Spirit. In His mercy, Jesus received the punishment we deserved. In His grace, we received the goodness only Jesus Christ deserved. We have been fully restored to our position as the holy children of God, and by faith we receive this miraculous mercy and grace.

Father God’s children are identified by their love and trust in Him, and our good Father is set on satisfying us completely. He speaks to us, His children, with every intention of accomplishing what He speaks. He fulfills every promise, without fail. Let’s prepare our hearts for wonder as we look for His grace and mercy all around us today. Let’s honor and adore Him and establish our trust in His immeasurable loving kindness towards us. And let’s remain steadfast in His faithfulness, remembering that He keeps every promise He makes.

daily reading.001
  • 4/21 Leviticus 21, Psalms 111, I Kings 7, Luke 17:20-37
  • 4/22 Leviticus 22, Psalms 112, I Kings 8, Luke 18:1-17
  • 4/23 Leviticus 23, Psalms 113, I Kings 9, Luke 18:18-43
  • 4/24 Leviticus 24, Psalms 114, I Kings 10, Luke 19:1-28
  • 4/25 Leviticus 25, Psalms 115, I Kings 11, Luke 19:29-48
  • 4/26 Leviticus 26, Psalms 116, I Kings 12, Luke 20:1-26
  • 4/27 Leviticus 27, Psalms 117, I Kings 13, Luke 20:27-47
  • 4/28 Numbers 1, Psalms 118, I Kings 14, Luke 21:1-19

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