July 8, 2020

Regardless of appearances and circumstances changing in the world around us, the mission is still a go and our duty has not changed. The clouds may gather and storms may churn up the waves, but we remain united and focused on the monumental assignment we’ve been given. There is no retreat, no withdraw, and no hold; only forward, forward, forward. Stay on mission!

This past Sunday we celebrated our first meeting in a new location by sanctifying the space with blessings. We set the space aside for the purposes of God and we declared it holy through our worship. It was an incredible time where we, as a spiritual family, took turns speaking scripture and prayers over the space. Then we worshiped God and ministered to one another. What a wonderful time!

Next Sunday, July 12, we plan to begin a new series called “Stay On Mission”. I recently had a dream in which I was in a submarine. Though it looked fairly normal on the outside, the inside was huge and grand like a luxury cruise ship. There were many other details in the dream, but one key feature was the sailors, quickly and intently moving about their business. They were all dressed in the same uniform that glowed in a shimmering, ghostly blue. Someone who was with me asked how they could tell the difference between men and women since they all looked the same in their uniforms. I answered, “On mission, duty is above diversity. If you’re part of their culture, you know and celebrate the differences. But their shared sense of purpose prioritizes the mission and unifies them.” When I woke up, three words resonated and repeated in my head: “Stay on mission!”

Are you an agent of God? Are you part of team that’s driven by a mission? What is the mission? What is your specific task and role within that grand objective? Join us on Sunday and let’s begin this conversation together.

His love is better than life!

Matt Neese
daily reading.001
  • 7/8 Job 3, Psalm 40, II Chronicles 10, Acts 15:1-21
  • 7/9 Job 4, Psalm 41, II Chronicles 11, Acts 15:22-41
  • 7/10 Job 5, Psalm 42, II Chronicles 12, Acts 16:1-15
  • 7/11 Job 6, Psalm 43, II Chronicles 13, Acts 16:16-40
  • 7/12 Job 7, Psalm 44, II Chronicles 14, Acts 17:1-15
  • 7/13 Job 8, Psalm 45, II Chronicles 15, Acts 17:16-34
  • 7/14 Job 9, Psalm 46, II Chronicles 16, Acts 18
  • 7/15 Job 10, Psalm 47, II Chronicles 17, Acts 19:1-20

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