June 3, 2020

His Holy Sanctuary

10AM Sunday, June 7th, Backyard Worship Begins

This past Sunday we met under the trees in the Nothrop family’s large, beautiful backyard and celebrated Pentecost by worshiping and prophesying together. After months of isolation, division, confusion, and anxiety, I believe that God is calling out His church. He is calling us into one accord to focus all of our attention and praise in His direction, and He is calling us out into one united mission and intention, to proclaim His character, His power, His sovereignty, His irrevocable grace and His immutable plans. Our time of backyard worship was all about our Lord God, and this next Sunday, June 7th, we’ll be doing it again but starting a little earlier at 10AM.

The world has done everything in its power to dehydrate you both spiritually and physically. It has shown itself to be a life-sucking desert, void of lasting refreshment. What is your answer? In Psalm 63:2, David’s response to the world’s desert was, ”So I have looked upon you in the sanctuary, beholding your power and glory.”

What do you think of when you hear the word “sanctuary”? The Temple hadn’t been built yet when this song was written by David. Where was his sanctuary as he grew up worshiping the Lord? Outside in nature. He grew up worshiping God in fields under an open sky. Not that buildings are bad (I love me some AC), but as we worship outside, you and I are closer to worshipping like David – the man who had a heart after God – then we’ve ever been in a man-made building. The word translated as “sanctuary” in Psalm 63 actually means sacred or holy or apartness. When we by faith set something apart, it becomes holy. As we declare and agree by faith that a space (like the the Nothrop’s backyard) has been set apart from all the land around it as God’s holy ground, we designate a specially set-apart sanctuary in which we can then position our hearts to focus on, look upon, and behold our Creator Father God and celebrate His power and glory.

This coming Sunday, June 7th, we will once again worship in the sanctuary of the Nothrops’ backyard. Since it will be a warmer day, we’re starting slightly earlier, promptly at 10am, so please try to be five or ten minutes early to get situated. We’ll have a few chairs available, but feel free to bring a blanket to sit on. I just enjoyed sitting on their amazing grass. Also, there is plenty of room for those who desire more “social distance”, but I can’t guarantee that one of the children won’t run up and attempt to high-five you (or sit on your knee). At this point Wellspring is taking it one week at a time in deciding our meeting locations. We’re praying and watching the weather, so please stay tuned each week for updates. As the temperature continues rising, we’ll eventually move to an inside location. Please continue praying and believing with us for favor and guidance each day and each week.

His love is better than life!

Matt Neese
daily reading.001
  • 6/3 Deuteronomy 2, Psalm 5, I Chronicles 4, John 13:18-38
  • 6/4 Deuteronomy 3, Psalm 6, I Chronicles 5, John 14
  • 6/5 Deuteronomy 4, Psalm 7, I Chronicles 6, John 15
  • 6/6 Deuteronomy 5, Psalm 8, I Chronicles 7, John 16:1-15
  • 6/7 Deuteronomy 6, Psalm 9, I Chronicles 8, John 16:16-33
  • 6/8 Deuteronomy 7, Psalm 10, I Chronicles 9, John 17
  • 6/9 Deuteronomy 8, Psalm 11, I Chronicles 10, John 18:1-23
  • 6/10 Deuteronomy 9, Psalm 12, I Chronicles 11, John 18:24-40

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