March 18, 2020


“One day at a time, sweet Jesus…”

Since the corona scare started, I’ve been even more intensely interceding and seeking God’s perspective. In the process He’s also put His finger on my fear, my own passionate views for the church, my pride, and my own flavor of religion and self-righteousness. It’s become a very personal journey and it went from a spiritual struggle to a physical struggle. I had an intense headache, an achy body, and hot-cold sweats all day yesterday and last night. But I kept praying and playing worship music, pressing and pressing. Then this morning, as God and I continued our heated conversation, I felt like He said,

“Why aren’t you enjoying this break I’ve given you? The weight of the world isn’t on your shoulders. It’s on Mine. Chill and enjoy your family.”

After I heard this, the burden immediately lifted and along with it the pain and sickness in my body.

Let’s take this “season” one day at a time, as a period of grace-padded testing to bring out our true view of God and ourselves. As we see and correct our perspective, I really believe we’re suppose to chill and (as much as possible) rest. Prior to corona, the number one prayer request I received (even from our youth and young people) was for rest. What if this whole thing isn’t an attack on the church and community, but is in fact an enforced rest? If we can turn off social media and the news and disconnect the enemy’s communication into our lives and homes, we can actually see this as a mandatory sabbatical. We don’t have to feel pressure and stress to do things and be places because all that has been shut down. All expectations have been dropped. Maybe we’re suppose to close the gate to the enemy and enjoy the peace of our own backyards.

For now, Wellspring is cancelling all regular meetings and postponing our freedom training with Monty and Hugh Bromiley from Beth Shalom. If you registered, please let me know whether you would like to wait until we reschedule or if you would like an immediate refund for you registration fee.

Regarding our spiritual family, we’ll need to get creative. DO NOT HESITATE TO REACH OUT!!! Don’t wait for someone to reach out to you. Also, if you have a need, don’t keep it to yourself and stress over it. Reach out to your spiritual brothers and sisters. It’s an honor to serve one another in whatever way we can.

The Way to Freedom.001

Jill Nothrop, one of the pastors of Wellspring, teaches the principles and process of Wellspring’s freedom ministry. Jill and Ben have been ordained by the founders of Beth Shalom Ministries, Monty and Hugh Bromiley, and have ministered freedom to many people inside and outside of Wellspring. Beth Shalom is a ministry of inner healing that has been embraced by Wellspring and has dramatically touched and transformed every single member’s life. Shalom means “nothing missing; nothing broken, and the absence of chaos”. Through a specific God-led process that includes deep prayer and spiritual counseling, lives are miraculously changed.

To hear this past Sunday’s full message, The Way to Freedom, CLICK HERE.

daily reading.001

  • 3/18 Exodus 28, Psalms 78, I Samuel 29, Luke 1:1-23
  • 3/19 Exodus 29, Psalms 79, I Samuel 30, Luke 1:24-56
  • 3/20 Exodus 30, Psalms 80, I Samuel 31, Luke 1:57-80
  • 3/21 Exodus 31, Psalms 81, II Samuel 1, Luke 2:1-24
  • 3/22 Exodus 32, Psalms 82, II Samuel 2, Luke 2:25-52
  • 3/23 Exodus 33, Psalms 83, II Samuel 3, Luke 3
  • 3/24 Exodus 34, Psalms 84, II Samuel 4, Luke 4:1-32
  • 3/25 Exodus 35, Psalms 85, II Samuel 5, Luke 4:33-44

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