March 4, 2020

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The United States of America was birthed from lofty, prophetic-like ideas and statements that came out of a corporate awakening to the Creator Father God. It came out of a Christlike value of life, freedom, and personal volition. Yet for over two centuries, this nation has struggled with the manifestation of these values. The spirit of this world is pushing to identify America by her failures instead of her prophetic word. The prophetic word over this nation says, “America a free people who value freedom.” The voice of this world is yelling the opposite, “America’s identity has always been and will continue to be as a degenerate nation of victimized slaves and selfish slavers.” Whose word do we hold to be true and choose as our identity? Whose word do you listen to for your personal identity? To hear this past Sunday’s full message, Freedom: The Prophetic Mandate, CLICK HERE.

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The Way to Freedom
Sunday, March 15, 10:30am-12:30pm
On March 15, Jill Nothrop will teach the principles and process of Wellspring’s freedom ministry. Jill and Ben have been ordained by the founders of Beth Shalom Ministries, Monty and Hugh Bromiley, and have ministered freedom to many people inside and outside of Wellspring. Jill’s lesson will summarize the freedom ministry embraced by Wellspring, and prepare us for a full day with Monty Bromiley on March 21. Monty will not be reviewing the basic principles but will be sharing fresh revelation and insight.

Beth Shalom
Saturday, March 21, 10am-4pm
Beth Shalom is a ministry of inner healing. Shalom means ‘nothing missing; nothing broken, and the absence of chaos’. Through a specific God-led process that includes deep prayer and spiritual counseling, lives are miraculously changed. The stories of transformation are amazing! The founders of Beth Shalom Ministries, Monty and Hugh Bromiley, will be joining us for a full day of impartation and fresh revelation and insight. If you’re not familiar with the principles and process of Beth Shalom, Jill Nothrop will teach these during our previous Sunday service, March 16. For the Saturday meeting, there is a registration fee of $15 per person and lunch and refreshments will be provided. No childcare will be available. You can register by using the “Give Today” button on the bottom of the Wellspring app and selecting the “Freedom Training” fund.

Youth Yard Sale
Saturday, March 28
The Wellspring youth are raising funds for summer camp at Youth for the Nations (June 29-July 3) and for their own Debrief Retreat (July 13-16). You can help by donating items for sale and/or by making a financial donation on the Wellspring app.

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3/3 – Exodus 13, Psalms 63, I Samuel 14, Mark 9:30-50
3/4 – Exodus 14, Psalms 64, I Samuel 15, Mark 10:1-31
3/5 – Exodus 15, Psalms 65, I Samuel 16, Mark 10:32-52
3/6 – Exodus 16, Psalms 66, I Samuel 17, Mark 11:1-19
3/7 – Exodus 17, Psalms 67, I Samuel 18, Mark 11:20-33
3/8 – Exodus 18, Psalms 68, I Samuel 19, Mark 12:1-27
3/9 – Exodus 19, Psalms 69, I Samuel 20, Mark 12:28-44
3/10 – Exodus 20, Psalms 70, I Samuel 21, Mark 13:1-13

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