January 29, 2020


If something is honorable, it means it is worthy of glory. When the Israelites are given the Ten Commandments in the book of Exodus, they are told to honor their parents. The Hebrew word comes from the same word we translate as glory, kabad. It literally means heavy or weighty. In other words, God was directing people to give weight to their parents, treat them as if they carry sacred value and monumental power.

Honor is a major theme in the Bible. Besides honoring your parents, which is repeated throughout the New and Old Testament (Exodus 20:12, Deuteronomy 5:16, Matthew 15:4, Matthew 19:19, Mark 7:10, Luke 18:20, Ephesians 6:2), we’re instructed to honor many other things.Honor your government leaders (1 Peter 2:17). Honor one another (Romans 12:10). Honor marriage (Hebrews 13:4). Honor your body (1 Thessalonians 4:4). Doubly honor church leaders (Yes, that’s actually in the Bible – 1 Timothy 5:17).

Of course, we’re commanded to honor Jesus Christ and Father God (John 5:23, 1 Timothy 1:17, 1 Timothy 6:16, 2 Peter 1:17, Hebrews 2:9, Revelation 4:11, Revelation 5:12-13, Revelation 7:12), but we’re also told how to honor God. Honor Him with your body (1 Corinthians 6:20). Honor Him with your wealth and the first of what you produce (Proverbs 3:9). Honor the Lord by showing kindness to the needy (Proverbs 14:31).

We’re told that honor is a reward for pursuing righteousness and love (Proverbs 21:21). Honor is the wages, or the payment we receive, for being humble before God (Proverbs 22:4, Proverbs 29:23). And we’re instructed to seek honor, along with glory and immortality, by persistently doing good (Romans 2:7).

On Sunday, we plan to talk about the pattern of honor. Meditate on a few of the above scriptures, and come ready to participate in the conversation. Let’s grow together!

Daily Reading
1/29 – Gen 29, Psa 29, Judg 5, Matt 20:1-16
1/30 – Gen 30, Psa 30, Judg 6, Matt 20:17-34
1/31 – Gen 31, Psa 31, Judg 7, Matt 21:1-22
2/1 – Gen 32, Psa 32, Judg 8, Matt 21:23-46
2/2 – Gen 33, Psa 33, Judg 9, Matt 22:1-22
2/3 – Gen 34, Psa 34, Judg 10, Matt 22:23-46
2/4 – Gen 35, Psa 35, Judg 11, Matt 23:1-22
2/5 – Gen 36, Psa 36, Judg 12, Matt 23:23-39

May God fill you completely with joy and peace!

Matt Neese

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