January 8, 2020

God's 5-Year Plan.001

This past Sunday we introduced our fast theme, “Pattern”, by talking about God’s 5-year plan. Click HERE to hear the lesson along with its accompanying slides. God gives patterns throughout the Bible, and in our scripture He specifically says, “If you follow this pattern, your harvest will increase.” 2020 is Wellspring’s year four in the plan, so we also discussed what that means for us.

In year four, everything is dedicated to glorifying God. In our “God Pattern” we’re given a special ingredient that when added to the previous three years is guaranteed to bring increase, but it’s completely incomprehensible to the world around us.  It’s a year of sacrificial praise.  It’s a year of intentional surrender with an attitude of celebration.  It’s the year that we joyfully say, “God, everything belongs to You!” This means it’s a year of increased attention on how all of our fruit is glorifying God and how our attitude is glorifying God.  This is a year of sacrifice but with a party attitude.

As we continue our fast this week, we’ll have prayer, worship, and ministry together on Thursday at 7pm, Friday at 7pm, and then Saturday at 6pm. And then on Sunday at 10:30am, we will each share how God spoke to us this week and what He’s showing us about the coming year. The children will be included in each of these meetings and will be encouraged to share and participate. Join us in our celebration of praise!

Daily Reading

1/9 – Gen 9, Psalms 9, Josh 9, Matt 8
1/10 – Gen 10, Psalms 10, Josh 10, Matt 9:1-17
1/11 – Gen 11, Psalms 11, Josh 11, Matt 9:18-38
1/12 – Gen 12, Psalms 12, Josh 12, Matt 10:1-23
1/13 – Gen 13, Psalms 13, Josh 13, Matt 10:24-42
1/14 – Gen 14, Psalms 14, Josh 14, Matt 11
1/15 – Gen 15, Psalms 15, Josh 15, Matt 12:1-21
1/16 – Gen 16, Psalms 16, Josh 16, Matt 12:22-50

May God fill you completely with joy and peace!

Matt Neese

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