December 18, 2019

Christmas Story.001

So many wonderful stories around us!

This morning I had an incredible conversation with the contractor who is currently installing new floors in our house. His life was full of miraculous God encounters that led him to a salvation experience with Jesus Christ. My new friend, Bob, was nearly killed multiple times in Iran and then while hopelessly preparing for suicide he instead discovered the love and power of Jesus.

There are tales of wonder waiting to be shared!

This past Sunday we gave everyone in Wellspring an opportunity to share 2019 stories. It was so encouraging to hear how God had worked in each of our lives. Even for those that came in with frustration or disappointment, the Spirit was present with encouragement, edification, and comfort. I’m so honored to be witnessing what God is doing among us.

This weekend we’re focusing on the most wonderful of wonderful stories, the birth of Jesus. This is the tale of wonder that made all other wonders possible. Join us as we tell the tale, then we’ll celebrate with a “cookie share”. Bring your favorite cookies!

December 22, Sunday 10:30am – The Christmas Story & Cookie Share
December 29 – NO MEETING
January 5-11 – 2020 Annual Fast with special meetings Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings
February 7-10 – Men’s Retreat
February 9 – Women’s Brunch
March 20-21 – Freedom Workshop

May God fill you completely with joy and peace!

Matt Neese

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