Weekly Update – Nov 16, 2016

Wellspring.Live Weekly Update – 11.16.16

The above video is an introduction to one of our key concepts, INTIMACY.  We were created for intimate relationship with God and with the people around us.  Actually, we can’t even begin to understand our identity and purpose in this world if we haven’t first allowed the Lord to restore us into healthy intimacy.  I could write books, as many people already have, on this subject and the love of God.  INTIMACY will probably be the first series that we dive into once we start having regular services in 2017.

This past Sunday, Nov 13, we had our first “official” prayer meeting in our living room.  Our children were an active part of the meeting because one of our priorities and prayers is to be a generational church.  God is just as much in the past as He is in the present and in the future.  What He’s doing with Wellspring.Live is tied to a legacy of saints and is building up our future saints.  He’s invited us to play an active role in the eternal love story that He laid out for us in the Bible.  This generational priority not only influences how we include and minister to our children but is also tied to our future location.  He’s called us to reopen the spiritual wells that were dug by previous believers — places in the natural marked by the ministry, prayers, sweat and blood of our past brothers and sisters.

We’re excited and full of faith! Thank you for joining us in praying for Wellspring.Live! Please continue to pray with us.  The prayer list below contains the items from last week’s update along with two important additional needs that Ben and Jill Nothrop are actively working on.  I’ve added them to the top.

  1. Children’s Ministry – We’re presently not ready to facilitate ministry for small children, but we strongly believe in the importance of including our children and equipping them.  Jill is working on our plan and how all of us as a church can take an active role in discipling our children, the future of Wellspring.Live.
  2. Musical Worship – This is a key ingredient in any healthy church, and Ben is taking on the spiritual “big brother” role on developing our vision and culture for what will be Wellspring.Live’s musical worship experience.  You’ll notice that I keep including the word “musical”.  This is because we are creatures of worship.  Every moment of our lives is an act of worship.  When we gather together and eat, read the scripture, pray, study, or even just breath, we’re worshiping.  What we typically experience in church as “musical worship” is only one expression of an innate part of who we are.
  3. Wellspring.Live will be the Father’s home, where His name is remembered and His presence is experienced; where He meets with His children and blesses them; where false identity is erased and true identity is established.
  4. Grow the leadership team. We see a diverse group of professionals and marketplace leaders who love Jesus, love us, love the local church, and love the vision of Wellspring.Live.
  5. Provide the right location – a physical location that has spiritual legacy. The Lord gave us a vision of uncapping a well that was dug by the ministry, prayer, and worship of our spiritual forerunners but has been covered by the enemy.
  6. May the Lord GUARD, GUIDE & GROW all of us!

Again, thank you so much for partnering with us.

All the best from our God and Christ be yours!

Matt Neese
Lead Pastor

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