Weekly Update – Nov 9, 2016

Wellspring.Live Weekly Update – 11.09.16

Last Sunday, Nov 6, Pastors Joe & Nancy Martin made the official announcement during C3 Trinity’s worship services — a new church is coming to the Far North Dallas/Richardson area. We’re excited and full of faith! Thank you for joining us in praying for Wellspring.Live! Please pray:

  1. Wellspring.Live will be the Father’s home, where His name is remembered and His presence is experienced; where He meets with His children and blesses them; where false identity is erased and true identity is established.
  2. Grow the leadership team. We see a diverse group of professionals and marketplace leaders who love Jesus, love us, love the local church, and love the vision of Wellspring.Live.
  3. Provide the right location – a physical location that has spiritual legacy. The Lord gave us a vision of uncapping a well that was dug by the ministry, prayer, and worship of our spiritual forerunners but has been covered by the enemy.
  4. May the Lord GUARD, GUIDE & GROW all of us!

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