August 3, 2022

Do you believe God for impossible things? Are you willing to have no plan B? When it’s hot and the pressure is on, do you retreat or press in? Are you willing to stand on what you know about God, regardless of your circumstances? How do you stand firm while your faith is under fire?

This past Sunday, Stephanie Armstrong, one of our Wellspring board members, shared on how to stand in faith when you are in the fire. Watch the message by clicking on the image above. Stephanie gave us five important keys to standing in the fire:

  1. Know God’s character, nature, and heart.
  2. Declare His Word over yourself, both His written and prophetic promises.
  3. Battle with your worship.
  4. Share your testimonies.
  5. Praise before your breakthrough.

All of us will find our faith tested. Faith untested is no faith at all. But through the testing, your faith grows if you cultivate it well. And this process is so much better in a community of Kingdom siblings who will join you in the fire. When people look at you in your most challenging place, they should see you, your siblings, and Jesus Christ.

Holy fire come!

Matt Neese


  • 08/03 — 512 Youth –
  • 08/17 — 512 Youth –
  • 08/27 — Men’s Coffee Talk –
  • 08/28 — Youth @ Texas Rangers –
  • 08/29 — Women’s MORE on Monday –

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