July 20, 2022

This past Sunday, Melody Cook, a member of Wellspring’s board, asked the important question, “What fuels your fire?” What motivates you in this life? What is driving you and keeping you moving forward? Are you living a life of surrendered obedience to the Lord? And if you are, what is the primary drive behind your obedience? Watch Melody’s message by clicking on the image above.

Saturday Darren Cook will be leading our monthly men’s meeting. There are various good things that can give us the fuel we need, including the essential fuel of fellowship. We were made for relationship with God and our spiritual family. Men, don’t miss this opportunity to connect with your brothers and increase the fire of God in your life. Email Darren at darren1421@gmail.com for more information.

This summer just keeps heating up, and I’m not talking about the Texas weather. The Spirit of God is moving in powerful ways and lighting up the church all over the world. He’s burning away the dead and the unnecessary, and He is restoring His oil and His fire to our lanterns.

The other night I was praying around 3am and I was suddenly overwhelmed by tangible encouragement all through my spirit, my soul, and my body. And the Lord said to me, “Keep running!” Now is “go time” for the children of God. His Kingdom agents are advancing. Keep running!

Holy fire come!

Matt Neese


  • 07/20 — 512 Youth, 7pm – Sally sally@512youth.com
  • 07/23 — Men’s Coffee Talk – Darren darren1421@gmail.com

Click on the image above to get your copy of Building Blocks and move on from milk to meat in your spiritual diet.

Click on the image above to purchase your copy of the daily devotional and join our spiritual family in studying the Bible and hearing God.

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