June 15, 2022


Do you want just a characteristic of the fire or the WHOLE fire of God? Do you want a little campfire or the mountain burning with fire to the heart of heaven? We cannot have the whole Spirit of God without the fear of God. We cannot have the fire without its terrifying beauty.

As the Lord is declaring that this is the summer of fire, we are believing for a fresh anointing on His church, but that anointing is not a toy. The fire of God is terrifyingly beautiful. It is awesome and it is holy. With the great increase in God’s tangible presence comes an atmosphere of reverential awe, both fascinating in beauty and dreadful in power. He will be awesome in His church and He will be awesome in the nations.

The Lord says, “Are you playing with fire? Be aware of what you are asking for. I am not tame and domesticated. I am not a contained wood burner in your basement. I am not a decorative fireplace in a corner of your home. I am not your patio fire-pit with an on/off switch. I am a consuming fire that once burning will not be controlled. I am a jealous God, wanting to overtake all of you. I won’t be restrained to a small portion of your life. I want it all, and for you to be a vessel of My whole Spirit. Be deliberate for I am thorough.”

All summer we’re paying attention to the fire. Next Sunday, June 19th, Jonathan Reaves will bring a message, and on June 26 Dr. Eddie Hyatt is teaching. He’s written many books about revival, including one titled “Fire on the Earth”, and he has experienced that revival fire repeatedly in his own life. He told me that right now he’s planning on sharing how the Great Awakening had a direct bearing on the founding of this nation and unleashed the moral and spiritual forces that ended slavery. And how and why we should be expecting another Great Awakening in our day.

I’m also really looking forward to July. It will be Wellspring’s “Women on Fire”. We’re having Debbie Countryman, Luna Neese, Melody Cook, Sally Pearson, and Stephanie Armstrong preaching. As the world calls for fear and control, the Spirit of God is bringing a match to the party. And He is fully intending to light things up. Are you preparing yourself?

Holy fire come!

Matt Neese


  • 06/15 — Wellspring Youth – Sally ssalas0616@yahoo.com
  • 06/15 — Prophetic Group – Stephanie sarm1220@gmail.com
  • 06/22 — Prophetic Group – Stephanie sarm1220@gmail.com
  • 06/25 — Men’s Coffee Talk – Darren darren1421@gmail.com
  • 06/26 — Guest Teacher: Dr. Eddie Hyatt – eddiehyatt.com
  • 06/29 — Youth Hawaiian Falls – Sally ssalas0616@yahoo.com
  • 06/29 — Prophetic Group – Stephanie sarm1220@gmail.com
  • 07/05-08 — Youth for the Nations – Sally ssalas0616@yahoo.com
  • 07/06 — Prophetic Group – Stephanie sarm1220@gmail.com
  • 07/13 — Prophetic Group – Stephanie sarm1220@gmail.com

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