January 12, 2022

Our theme for the beginning of 2022 is Kingdom Agents. Sunday, January 16th, Ben Nothrop will be sharing on this subject, and then the following Sunday, January 23rd, Jill Nothrop will be sharing. Meanwhile, over the next couple of Sundays, Sako and I are going to be teaching the children about worship. If adults with faith are mighty warriors, children operating in faith are like tanks. In scripture after scripture, the Lord shares the power that believing children have in creation.

“Beware that you don’t look down on any of these little ones. For I tell you that in heaven their angels are always in the presence of my heavenly Father.”

– Matthew 18:10

“Let the children come to me. Don’t stop them! For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to those who are like these children.”

– Matthew 19:14

“You have taught children and infants to tell of your strength, silencing your enemies and all who oppose you.”

– Psalm 8:2

Children are the illustration of what faith looks like. They are living examples of Kingdom agents. If we properly train our little mighty men and women at a young age and immerse them in the life and culture of the Kingdom, then they will silence the enemies of God and all who oppose His will. The children are the key to powerful awakening sweeping the nations! Teach the children to worship!

Also, ladies, mark your calendars for the next MORE meeting on January 31st. Join other Wellspring women in building intimacy with God and one another. These monthly meetings are a wonderful opportunity to be part of community of women who are sincerely pursuing the Lord and growing in their divine design.

Let’s walk in our calling together!

Matt Neese
daily reading.001
  • 01/12 Genesis 12, Psalms 12, Joshua 12, Matthew 10:1-23
  • 01/13 Genesis 13, Psalms 13, Joshua 13, Matthew 10:24-42
  • 01/14 Genesis 14, Psalms 14, Joshua 14, Matthew 11
  • 01/15 Genesis 15, Psalms 15, Joshua 15, Matthew 12:1-21
  • 01/16 Genesis 16, Psalms 16, Joshua 16, Matthew 12:22-50
  • 01/17 Genesis 17, Psalms 17, Joshua 17, Matthew 13:1-32
  • 01/18 Genesis 18, Psalms 18, Joshua 18, Matthew 13:33-58
  • 01/19 Genesis 19, Psalms 19, Joshua 19, Matthew 14:1-21


You, Yahweh, shall keep them; you shall preserve them from this generation forever. On every side the wicked prowl when is exalted vileness among the children of man.
— Psalm 12:7-8 [Interlinear]

“Vileness” means worthlessness. Creator God sets the true value system of this universe He designed and crafted. He is the only value setter or appraiser, and He appraises all things, all people, all hearts, all thoughts, all motives, all intentions, all actions, and all inactions. He has shown us in His Word what pleases Him, making it very clear what is valuable and what is worthless.

“Exalted” means to lift up, raise, make lofty. A life of worship is constantly lifting up God, continually praising and glorifying Him in all we do. We exalt God, we exalt His name, His Word, His Son, His Spirit, His kingdom, His throne, His glory, His will, His goodness, His love, His justice, His grace, His righteousness, His power, His strength, His mercy, His kindness, His sovereignty, His faithfulness, His design and directions. We have SO MUCH to lift up about the only One worthy of being the Highness.

When humankind raises up what is worthless and calls it valuable, morally corrupt, evil-minded men and women begin to circle. The darkness draws them in like flies to a corpse. This is their worship. Darkness hates the light and cannot operate in its presence; therefore, it naturally does all it can to lower the light and turn up the darkness.

Yahweh, the Creator, the Appraiser, the Light, the Highness cannot be overcome by wickedness and unrighteousness — He prevails! Though evil has its short moments on this fallen earth, Yahweh reigns in eternity. Trust and worship the Worthy One! He will keep those who rightly lift Him up; He will preserve them from the wicked generation. This is a promise forever. God Himself watches over and guards those who elevate what is truly valuable.

What does your life reveal as valuable? What are you consciously and consistently lifting up in your life? Who are you hanging around with? Who do you “follow” on social media and what are they circling? Do any of these questions bring to light things in your life that need to change?

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