July 28, 2021

Friends, I had a plan for what I wanted to write in this week’s update. I had a plan for what I would be teaching this coming Sunday. But this morning God said, “Put all that in your pocket and listen to Me.” I feel a sense of urgency in the Spirit.

This week in our daily reading plan we’ve been studying Hezekiah. You can read our daily word for today down below, but one very important word jumped up in my spirit: SUDDENLY. We all know that God’s timing is not our timing. We all know that He’s never late, but He has a tendency to not act immediately because He’s developing our faith and our character. And we also know that God can do in an instant what we can’t do in a lifetime.

The Spirit of the Lord is saying, “NOW!” I don’t know how to impart to you this sense I’m feeling of a very present call to action. In Hezekiah’s story, he calls the nation to repentance, but the priests don’t act quickly. Revival hits the land and the priests aren’t ready for it. The Levites, non-priests who served in the Temple, had to step up and cover the priestly duties because the priests were procrastinating and taking their own time. Eventually when they looked around at what everyone else was experiencing and they realized how their lack of urgency was holding everyone else back, those priests felt a great sense of shame. God didn’t wait for them. Thank God for the Levites who took their repentance and obedience more seriously than the priests did.

The Spirit is saying, “NOW!” As the church we are a holy kingdom of priests. You and I are priests. Do you feel what I’m feeling? There is no more time to put off what the Lord has been telling you to do. There is no more room for procrastination. There’s no such thing as spiritual retirement. There’s no longer grace for spiritual meandering and “taking our own sweet time.” If you and I want to fully participate in what God is doing, we need to repent and humble ourselves NOW, and we must immediately get back into a place of active listening obedience NOW.

Write down the things you’ve been putting off, the things you know the Lord has spoken to you, and start checking them off. Now is the time to get ready and get active. The Greatest Awakening is here and King Jesus is like Hezekiah, calling for His people to repent and prepare NOW!!!

Let’s grow together!

Matt Neese


Have you ever rejoiced in God’s “suddenly”? Yes, the Lord often works in ways that build our trust and godly character, and His timing can stretch longer than our preference. But He also operates SUDDENLY.

King Ahaz had led the nation into the depths of depravity and sin. In rejection of the Lord God, he’d swung open the city gates to every evil enemy intention. The kingdom had fallen so low that it seemed it would never be restored. I imagine the predominant thought was that it was too late to save the country or that it would take generations and generations to correct the wrong decisions made by the nations leaders and influencers. Then Ahaz died and his son Hezekiah came to power at the age of twenty-five. In the first month of his reign, Hezekiah put his full energy and focus on restoring the nation to its Founding Father God. He commanded the religious leaders and all of the nation to repent, to be purified, and to restore right worship of the Lord. As the people unified in repentance, they rejoiced for “the thing came about suddenly.” What was “the thing”? God’s provision. God suddenly provided for the people in such a way that all recognized and all rejoiced.

No situation is hopeless when we repent and surrender our lives to the Lord. In trusting Jesus, His crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension, we are suddenly cleansed and forgiven. We are suddenly reborn as co-heirs with Jesus — as sons and daughters of God. We are suddenly authorized as agents of the Kingdom of God. We are suddenly the chosen, the elect, and the beloved. We are suddenly seated in the third heaven with our Father God on His holy thrown, above all powers, principalities, rulers, and dominions. All that suddenly happens in eternity also reverberates in the natural. What is the thing that is coming about suddenly in your life?

daily reading.001
  • 7/28 Job 22, Psalm 59, II Chronicles 29, Acts 27:1-25
  • 7/29 Job 23, Psalm 60, II Chronicles 30, Acts 27:26-44
  • 7/30 Job 24, Psalm 61, II Chronicles 31, Acts 28:1-15
  • 7/31 Job 25, Psalm 62, II Chronicles 32, Acts 28:16-31
  • 8/01 Job 26, Psalm 63, II Chronicles 33, Romans 1
  • 8/02 Job 27, Psalm 64, II Chronicles 34, Romans 2
  • 8/03 Job 28, Psalm 65, II Chronicles 35, Romans 3
  • 8/04 Job 29, Psalm 66, II Chronicles 36, Romans 4

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